Surf Report April

By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo courtesy: Federación de Surf de Costa Rica

Valeria Salustri, already considered the best female SUP surfer in Costa Rica, is also making waves outside the country. The Tica ambassador won the Under 19 division of the Lanakila Classic in Redondo Beach, California. This stellar result in that division, coupled with a 3rd overall finish among paddlers from all over the world, was accomplished by Salustri in the 10 kilometer race.

“This is the second time I did this competition and the first with a 14-foot board,” said Salustri, who will compete for Costa Rica in the Pan American Games this July in Lima, Peru, and is vying for a SUP sport representing her country in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

As the kolbi Circuito Nacional presented by Junta de Protección Social pulled into Nosara’s Playa Guiones  this month for the Copa Surfing Republic, already some leaders are moving towards the head of the pack. At the second date—the Copa Marley in Puerto Viejo—the top winners were four-time national surf champion and local Gilbert Brown, as well as another area resident, Paulina Summers, who garnered the Women’s and the Junior Women’s trophies.

At the top of the rankings now is Jair Perez, who won 1st then 2nd place so far this season. He is followed closely by Brown, Anthony Fillingim (who won this beach last year), and Olman Morales.

The Women’s division showcases the young talent of Summers, Rubiana Brownell and Indiana Ferri.

Here are the rankings leaders after the two Circuito Nacional dates:

Open: Jair Pérez

Women’s: Paulina Summers

Junior: Sam Reidy

Junior Women’s Paulina Summers

Boys: Tao Rodríguez

Girls: Indiana Ferri

Grommet: Pierto Garroux

Minigrommets: Ethan Hollander

Minigrommet Girls: Erika Berra

Masters: Gilbert Brown

Longboard: Daniel Álvarez

Copa Marley

February 23, 24, 2019

Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo


Gilbert Brown López (Puerto Viejo)

Jair Pérez (Jacó)

Carlos Brown (Puerto Viejo)

Olman Morales (Santa Teresa)

Women’s Open

Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

Indiana Ferry (Puerto Viejo)

Julissa Matamoros (Matapalo)

Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)


Gilbert Brown López (Puerto Viejo)

Alvaro Solano (Jacó)

Diego Naranjo (Jacó)

Mauro Sergio Oliveira (San José)


Brandom Steward

Jefferson Calderón

David Westtin

Hugo Alfonso Meléndez

Bodyboard Women’s

Beatriz Arleo (San José)

Cindy Díaz (Jacó)

Megwin Sauders (Jacó)

Sofia Córdoba (Puerto Viejo)

Bodyboard Junior

Hugo Alfonso Meléndez

Brandon Steward

Steven Miranda

Dylan Araya

Alderick Hernández


Cedrick McCrakin (Puerto Viejo)

Gabriel Córdoba (Puerto Viejo)

Sebastián Mora (Santa Teresa)

Sam Reidy (Dominical)

Junior Women’s

Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

Julissa Matamoros (Matapalo)

Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)

Ericka Berra (Puerto Viejo)


Darshan Antequera (Jacó)

Sam Reidy (Dominical)

Aarón Ramírez (Jacó)

Tao Rodríguez (Panamá)


Indiana Ferri (Puerto Viejo)

Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)

Auxiela Ryan (Puerto Viejo)


Pietro Garroux (Guanacaste)

Ian Rojas

Ethan Hollander (Dominical)

Leonardo Apreda (Jacó)


Ethan Hollander (Dominical)

Pietro Garroux (Guanacaste)

Leonardo Apreda (Jacó)

Kian Ashara

MiniGrommet Girls

Erika Berra (Puerto Viejo)

Already, without the completion of the Sharky’s Triple Crown—the 6th season of the Sun Bum presents Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf (CGS),–Avellanas surfer Coral Wiggins is all set to claim the Women’s Guanacaste title.  With wins in both Marbella’s Copa Witch’s Rock and Avellanas’ Copa Lola, all she has to do is show up in the finals of Playa Negra  to take the championship.  The season final for the rest of the ranking competitors take place in June and among the competitors will be Malakai Martínez, who also won the tournament’s first two Junior dates. His situation, however, finds Tiago Carrique, only 310 points away, leaving the result for the title to be settled in Negra.

Copa Lolas

March 2, 3, 2019



Malakai Martínez

Tiago Carrique

Ángelo Bonomelli

Francisco Coronado

Open Women’s

Coral Wiggins

Rubiana Brownell

Zulay Martínez

Chelsea Lisauis


Ian Bean

Claudio Mazzone

Christian Boss

Mike Castro


Malakai Martínez

Tiago Carrique

Dean Vadewalle

Taigo Leao

Boys Under 16

Tiago Leao

Axel Castro

Kalani Abrahao

Zack Spooner


Ericka Berra

Auxiela Ryan

Lucia del Solar

Yam Heral

Boys Under 14

Pietro Garroux

Kalani Abrahao

Nadar Attar

Nicolás Boos

Groms Under 12

Pietro Garroux

Romeo Stone

Ericka Berra

Gal Bepmate


Dario Vargas

Maey Yhitieau

Archer Bratton

Bella Bratton