Triathletes swam, biked and ran at Hacienda Pinilla

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. By Tamarindo News Staff . Photos by Ignacio González León-Páez At the start of the race.

The second date of the BMW Triathlon Series Costa Rica 2016 converged at Hacienda Pinilla on May 14 and 15. Athletes were able to take part in one of three race options including Sprint—750 meters swimming, 20 kilometers bicycling and 5 kilometers run—Olympic—1,500 meters swimming, 40 kilometers bicycling and 10 kilometers run, and 111—1,000 meters swimming, 100 kilometers bicycling and 10 kilometers run.

These categories were also broken down by age groups, and featured triathletes competing individually and by groups, the latter in relay.

“The second event of BMW Triathlon in Hacienda Pinilla and JW Marriott was a success, with close to 350 participants beginning their swim in Playa Mansita around 6:30 am. Then they moved on to the cycling section where they went the entire perimeter of the inner street of Hacienda Pinilla.

The athletes then moved to the golf course paths and traveled around Hacienda,” reported Pablo Sánchez, from Unlimited CR, the event’s promoter.

The winners were: Sprint: 1) Luis Diego Piedra Rojas 1:08:44 2) Walter Brenes López 1:10:06 3) Sam Vanderjeugt 1:13:50 Olympic: 1) Roberto García 2:20:45 2) German Josué Solís Guerrero 2:25:29 3) Josué Francisco Cordero López 2:27:54 111 Long Distance: 1) Dominique Cocuse 3:57:04 2) Mauricio Araya Obando 4:03:52 3) Carlos Azofeifa 4:13:15 Elite 111: 1) Rom Akerson 3:35:25 2) John Garita Zamora 3:45:57 3) Carlos Moncada 3:57.54 In addition, the winners of the Relay Sprint RELAY: 1) Suk Lin Aju Calvo 1:46:40 and Gioconda Rojas Gutiérrez 1:48:10 The Relay Olympic 1) Gustavo Rojas Gutiérrez 2:30:05 Junior Elite: 1) David Marín 1:08:17 2) Ariel Arguedas Devoto 1:17:36 3) Gilbert Campos Esquivel 1:18:35 Olympic Elite: 1) Julio Cesar Ballestero Jiménez 2:13:46 2) Harold Ramos 2:16:26 3) José Roberto Rivas Coto 2:18:50 “Hacienda Pinilla has safety features and traffic control where competitors can participate with security the best way in the competition,” Sánchez added.

“And the golf course has spectacular scenery and is very flat. In addition, both the JW Marriott Hotel and Hacienda Pinilla made themselves completely available for the organizers of the event and competitors.”

Prior to Guanacaste, in April, the first competition took place in Punteranas. Look for 3 more contests including 33avo Clasico Tratlon El Coco June 11 and 12, Jaco September 3 and 4 and Marina Pez Vela in Quepos December 10 and 11. The BMW Triathlon Series Costa Rica 2016 date at Hacienda Pinilla was sanctioned by the United Federation of Triathalons, the Costa Rica Institute of Sports and Recreation (ICODER), Ministry of Health of Santa Cruz, and the Municipality of Santa Cruz.

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