Torres, McGonagle Win Billabong Fest in Costa Rica

Written by Mariano

By Tamarindo News Staff

In a thrilling final day at the Billabong Fest—the second  Asociacion Latinamericana de Surfistas Profesionales (ALAS) contest to take place in Costa Rica this year—Jason Torres and Leilani McGonagle were the winners in the Open  and Women categories.

In a tight final where she earned 12.03 points, McGonagle managed to beat Lisbeth Vindas (9.64 points) Emily Gussoni (9.24 points) and Paula Duarte (8.50 points).

“This tournament had very good waves compared to previous years that I did it and I was very happy about that. It’s always fun to compete against all the girls here; we always go head to head. I am very happy to be back home after month and a half away. Now, I have to study and train to be ready for the Central American Games and, hopefully, Costa Rica can bring home another gold medal, ” McGonagle said after her win.

Torres faced the current leader of the ALAS ranking in a final man to man heat. There were difficult conditions to surf for him and Jonathan Chila of Ecuador, but that did not prevent them from showing all their talents, resulting in high scores.

“The start was slow,” said Jason. “I lasted eight minutes without grabbing any waves and then I went on a good right. After that, I needed a 6.28 to win when  I found another good right.  I made a cut and then risked everything, and thank God I got the score and I’m very happy to have won. The title is dedicated to my mother, my wife and son and God. ”

Torres won with 14.16 points against 13.87 for Chila, who remains #1.

In the Juniors category, the Peruvian Lucca Messina  was able to maintain his #1 ranking even though he only placed 4th at the Billabong Fest.

Next, on December 2 to 6, there will be an intense battle for the 2015 Latin American champions to be crowned during the finals at  Puntas Rocas Super Prime Classic in Peru.
Here are the final results for the ALAS Billabong Fest:

Open Men:
1- Jason Torres (CRI)
2- Jonathan Chila (ECU)

3-Anthony Fillingim (CRI)

3-Leon Glatzer (CRI)

1- Leilani McGonagle (CRI)
2- Lisbeth Vindas (CRI)
3- Emily Gussoni (CRI)
4- Paula Duarte (CRI)


1- Aldo Chirinos (CRI)
2- Joseph Méndez (CRI)
3- Leon Glatzer (CRI)
4- Lucca Mesinas (PER)

1- Joseph Méndez (CRI)
2- Aldo Chirinos (CRI)
3- Leilani McGonagle (CRI)
4- Tiago Carrique (CRI)

1- Kenneth Peralta (CRI)
2- Gabriel Córdoba (CRI)
3- Axel Castro (CRI)
4- Neo Escaler (CRI)


1-Anthony Flores (CRI)
2- Julian Schweizer (URU)
3- Diego Naranjo (CRI)
4- William Aguero (CRI)

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