Tamarindo Hosts 9th Marathon for 4,000 runners

Written by Mariano

By Ellen Zoe Golden

On September 12, Carlos Trujillo set a new race record in the 9th annual Tamarindo Beach Marathon.

He ran the 42 kilometers in 2 hours and 26 minutes 43 seconds, coming in first place in the overall male runners in that category. “I feel very good.

Some years ago I had to prepare for the Russia World race, where it was very hot and humid too, so that helped me a lot to achieve a good race today,” Trujillo told the media afterwards. Coming in 2nd place was José Francisco Chavez, and 3rd was Javier Montero Barrantes.

Also setting a new bar to beat in the Tamarindo Beach Marathon was recordbreaker was Eric Fernandez who won the 21k in 1 hour 7 minutes and 27 seconds. Meanwhile, in the women, Jenny Méndez won for the 2nd consecutive year in the 42 k, beating the favorite, Romanian Nuta Olaru who did not finish the race. Méndez time was 2 hours 55 minutes and 19 seconds. Cristina Marín was 2nd with Elizabeth Hernández in 3rd.

“I feel very happy, the weather was very burdensome, but thanks to the training I could get first,” said Méndez. The Marathon, which had 5k, 10k and 21k races, hosted 4,000 athletes for the event.

Participants came from the local area, as well as other parts of the country, and even from different countries such as Venezuela, Panamá, the US and others, in what has become a premier event for Costa Rica.

Officials estimate approximately 12,000 people flocked to Tamarindo to participate in the race or as spectators. Although the first part of the race kicked off at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning amid fireworks, participants were invited to carboload the night before at Tamarindo Diria’s restaurant. An assortment of pastas was served.

During the run itself, the athletes passed 21 hydrating stops, one food stop, 6 mobile vehicles with gels and energy bars. Aranjit Valverde was the winner of the Toyota Yaris giveaway.

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