Surfing and golfing once again fund CEPIA

Written by Tamarindo News

.Tamarindo News Staff .Photo courtesy Carla Rowlings/Mandala Photography

For another year, under the banner of the Robert August Surf and Turf, the international surf legend has been the catalyst for helping CEPIA continue its great work helping at-risk kids and families in the area of Tamarindo.

This year’s three-day event featured parties, sports, bikinis and camaraderie aplenty raising enough money so that CEPIA has a budget for its programs another year. After registration finished on March 9 at Vaquero, participants in the 4-man scramble golf tournament convened the next morning at Hacienda Pinilla.

The golf winning team included Kenneth Hollingsworth, Todd Taylor, Sam Holman and Robbie Twine.

That evening, at Cala Luna, the circus came to town for almost 300 attendees. Among the festivities of dinner and entertainment were a fashion show that included bikinis by Desi and De’lohana. On Sunday, March 11, a surf contest took place in front of Lola’s in Avellanas.

For the first time, in a number of his namesake events, August’s team won 1st place. Along with him, the winning surfers on his team included Juan Diego Evangelista, Jerry Hirsh and Scott Dawson. At the awards ceremony that took place Sunday evening at El Vaquero, overall winners of the Robert August Surf and Turf were announced.

Once again August, Evangelista, Hirsh and Dawson came away with the grand prize position. “This year’s event was so much fun for me as our women’s team placed 4th in the surfing at Lola’s,” reported Laetitia Deweer, founder of CEPIA.

“The Hacienda Pinilla golf course had so much to offer to the players, and the party at Cala Luna was a big success as we danced a lot and discovered two new local bikini brands. At the end, during the Awards ceremony at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, I felt the love and unity that characterizes this unique charity event. We are blessed that so many people support this event, as CEPIA could not have an after-school program without this fundraiser.”

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