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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo by WSL/ Ricardo Malaver

It’s been a while, but Carlos Muñoz is finding his footing again and landing on the winner’s podium. Last month, he reached his first final of the year in the World Qualification Series (WQS) after five days of competition in the waves of Señoritas, Peru and the Claro Open Pro – Copa Tubos. They were a total of six heats that the tico won to get into his second final in a 3,000 of the World Surf League (WSL) and establish his best result so far this year and with this a step closer to his dream of the WCT 2020.

Cali scored a 13.93 (7 + 6.93) in a final that saw him surf more waves than his opponent, the Frenchman Gatien Delahave. With an early lead, Delahave moved ahead with 8.83 that combined with a 5.67 to win his first stop in the WQS. Muñoz ‘s result, which happened to earn him $7,000, put him in the Top 10 ranking after taking 2,250 points in the QS 3,000 won by the Delahaye. Don’t get too excited, he didn’t stay there, and currently sits at #14.

“I’m super happy but I wish I could have won the event,” said Muñoz. “This is the second time I’ve reached the Final of a QS 3,000 but still haven’t gotten 1st place. I knew this was going to be a very competitive event just from the number of talented surfers that were here, but I’m still super stoked for such an amazing week in Peru. The last time I was here was in 2011, so it’s been a long time. I feel like I’m a more experienced surfer now and this result is a good strong step in the direction of making it onto the CT next year. Pura Vida!”

Back home here in Costa Rica, a few weeks later, he won the Sea Level Surf Camp presents Above Sea Level Air Show Contest in his home break of Esterillos Oeste. His lifts and maneuvers earned him another $500.

Our Tica on the World Championship Tour (WCT), Brisa Hennessy is on her second stop. She made her debut early last month Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, where, in Round 2, she bested Hawaii’s Coco Ho. Now, at press time, at the Women’s CT #2, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, Hennessy passed the seed round by beating two great ladies from the United States, Caroline Marks and Courtney Conlogue (the latter 2018’s #2 ranked professional surfer on the CT).

Leo Calvo of Boca Barranca, who has collected titles as national champion Minigrommets, Grommets, Boys, and Junior on the Circuito Nacional Kölbi presented by Junta de Protección Social, now has added a contest Open win at 21 years of age. He collected a 1st place trophy at the Copa Surfing República at Playa Guiones de Nosara, date three of the 2019 championship.

Although Calvo had reached the finals several times during various stops within the last couple of years on the Circuito Nacional, he made it to the top spot as the result of one of the best airs of the weekend. The final heat featured Ramón Taliani, Olman Morales and Sebastián Mora, all three from Santa Teresa. These guys did not make it easy for Calvo, putting him on the ropes on several occasions, but, in the end, he prevailed with cautious use of the priority system.

“This is a win that I was owed a long time ago. In Costa Rica, there are very good surfers like the ones I had in the final, for example, but this year I would like to get into the national title fight. Let’s see how the year goes,” Calvo said.

After Nosara, Calvo jumped up to #9 from #41 in the rankings. However, Jair Pérez and Olman Morales are still #1 and #2, respectively.

As to the Women’s division, Rubiana Browell from Avellanas reasserts her domination with a win after three dates of the Circuito. She is desperately trying to defend her natonal title.

Copa Surfing República

Playa Guiones

March 23, 24, 2019


1. Leonardo Calvo (Boca Barranca)

2. Ramón Taliani (Santa Teresa)

3. Sebastián Mora (Santa Teresa)

4. Olman Morales (Santa Teresa)

Women’s Open

1. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)

2. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

3. Julissa Matamoros (Matapalo)

4. Rachel Agüero (Jacó)


1. Sam Reidy (Dominical)

2. Tao Rodriguez (Panamá)

3. Kenneth Peralta (Jacó)

4. Axel Castro (Cieneguita)

Junior Women’s

1. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)

2. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

3. Indiana Ferri (Puerto Viejo)

4. Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)


1. Sam Reidy (Dominical)

2. Tao Rodríguez (Panamá)

3. Aarón Ramírez (Jacó)

4. Ethan Hollander (Puerto Viejo)


1. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

2. Valeria Ojeda (Jaco)

3. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)

4. Rachel Agüero (Jacó)


1. Leo Apreda (Jacó)

2. Kailani Abrahao (Tamarindo)

3. Teo Gale (Panamá)

4. Pietro Garroux (Pietro Garroux)


1. Ethan Hollander (Dominical)

2. Leo Apreda (Jacó)

3. Kian Ashara

4. Rains Sullivan (Nosara)

 Minigrommets Girls

1. Ericka Berra (Puerto Viejo)

2. Eva North

3. Isabel Ayre


1. Marcelo Morán (Nosara)

2. Daniel Alvarez (República Dominicana)

3. Marcel Oliveira (Jacó)

4. Adolfo Gómez (Sámara)

SUP Surf

1. Jefferson Tascón (Herradura)

2. Marcel Oliveira (Jacó)

3. Alvaro Solano (Jacó)

4. José Ruiz (Nosara)

There were no surprises at the close of the first date of the Circuito Nacional SUP Race that took place in front of the SUPHERR facilities in Playa Herradura de Garabito. The current national champions Marcel Oliveira and Valeria Salustri, both once again were victorious.

After a 10-kilometer course on the new standard board measure of 14 feet, the best of 2018 repeated their wins in the first of five dates that the Circuito has launched. Oliveira clocked in at 1 hour and 17 seconds for his race, while Salustri scored 1 hour and 20 minutes at the finish line.

The date was run with an unprecedented number of competitors in three different categories—14-foot boards, 12-foot boards and Recreational.  The surfers spoke of the intense struggle that is coming up this year as the Circuito goes to Playa Hermosa de Jacó, Uvita de Osa and Las Catalinas de Guanacaste. The next date of the championship goes to the artificial lake of Mistico in Hermosa de Jacó. The Federación de Surf de Costa Rica expects even more competitors to sign up for that race that will take place May 4.

Circuito Nacional SUP Race


April 4, 20

Surfboard 14 feet Male

1. Marcel Oliveira

2. Gilo Soto

3. Michael Gutiérrez

Surfboard 14 feet Female

1. Valeria Salustri

2. Eileen Pitti

Surfboard 12 feet Male

1. Rolando Herrera

2. Alvaro Solano

3. Jefferson Tascón

Surfboard 12 feet Female

1. Michelle Fuentes

2. Maja Magnusson

3. Lucía Castro.

Surfboard Recreational Male

1. Mario Fernández

2. Norman Fuentes

3. Gerardo Villalobos

Recreational Female

1. Laura Segura

2. Melody Lloyd

3. Felly Salas

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