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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo by: WSL/Tim Hain

Leilani McGonagle had an “emphatic” win at the Krui Pro’s perfect surf at Ujung Bocur in South Sumatra, Indonesia last month. The sets that rolled in were averaging about 6-feet and occasionally bigger, and Mcgonagle knew just which were the best to put on a show of her skills that continue to dazzle on the Qualifying Series (QS) road jaunt.

At the Krui Pro, she used her powerful brand of surfing to attack big sections and post excellent scores. In the final, she was in 2nd place in a woman-to-woman heat and needed a big number, so she paddled into a long left and according to the World Surf League “absolutely smashed every section” earning big scores to take the win.

“I am shaking right now,” said McGonagle. “I know how good Keala (Tomoda-Bannert) has been surfing all week and I know she can get big scores so I was never sure I’d won until the end. This is one of the most amazing waves I have ever seen for a contest. Winning feels great, it reminds you why you travel around the world and work so hard. I feel great.”

At press time, McGonagle is at #23 out of 314 women on the QS circuit.

Meanwhile, the rankings leader on Costa Rica’s Kölbi Circuito Nacional de Surf, Jair Pérez, won the Reef Classic, the fourth date of the championship presented by Junta de Protección Social. It is looking very good for the surfer from Jacó to become the 2019 champion if he can maintain his winning momentum established so far this year.

Pérez’s win in Santa Teresa was his second victory in the championship, and the third time he’s placed on the podium this year. The former 2013 national surf champion made this accomplishment by ousting the surfers in the final. This included Angelo Bonomelli, Jefferson Tascón and Jose Joaquín López.

The next three dates will determine in reality just who gets the big trophy for the year. Olman Morales and Gilbert Brown are the next two closest competitors on the rankings chart. This includes May’s dates in Avellanas, Jacó in June, and the Gran Finals the following month in Playa Hermosa.

“Thank you first to God for giving me such a good year. My purpose is to be a national champion this year and I am going with a good pace. Of course, there are very good and experienced surfers that will give me a strong fight in the months that remain,” said Pérez.

The current national Women’s surf champion, Rubiana Brownell reached her second consecutive victory and remains leader of her category.

Reef Classic

April 27, 28, 2019

Santa Teresa

1. Jair Pérez (Jacó)
2. Angelo Bonomelli (Puerto Viejo)  
3. Jefferson Tascón
4. José López
Open Women’s
1. Rubiana Brownell
2. Valeria Ojeda
3. Indiana Ferri
4. Eva Woodland

Bodyboard Men
1. Felipe Fernández
2. Jefferson Calderón
3. Luciano Lohss
4. Hugo Meléndez
Bodyboard Women’s 
1. Beatriz Arleo
2. Megwyn Sauders
3. Mikaela Cubero  
4. Dulce Agüero
1. Diego Naranjo
2. Álvaro Solano
3. Gilbert Brown
4. Mauricio Umaña
1. Marcelo Morán
2. Adolfo Gómez
3. Daniel Álvarez
4. Joel Rivera
SUP Surf 
1. Marcel Oiveira
2. Jefferson Tascón
3. Álvaro Solano
4. André Oliveira
5. José Ruiz
1. Aaron Ramírez
2. Sam Reidy
3. Kenneth Corea
4. Sebastián Mora
Junior Women’s
1. Paulina Summers
2. Eva Woodland
3. Indiana Ferri
4. Rachel Agüero
1. Sam Reidy
2. Kai Galé
3. Darshan Antequera
4. Tosh Talbot
1. Rachel Agüero
2. Paulina Summers
3. Rubiana Brownell
4. Valeria Ojeda
1. Kalani Abrahao
2. Leo Apreda
3. Pietro Garroux
4. Nadav Attar
1. Ethan Hollander
2. Girav Kalani
3. Denzel Rosales
4. Fabián Rosales
Minigrommets Girls
1. Ericka Berra
2. Ava North
3. Yam Harel

Playa Hermosa was the location of the Rip Curl Grom Search 2019. And in the waves of 6 feet, Costa Rica had 3 surfers in the respective boys and girls finals for those under Under 16.

In addition, Costa Rica won first place in the Tag Team event.

Rip Curl Grom Search Results

1. Afonso Antunes (Portugal)
2. Taro Watanabe (USA)
3. Sam Reidy (Costa Rica)
3. Adur Amatrian (Spain)
1. Caitlin Simmers (USA)
2. Valeria Ojeda (Costa Rica)
3. Juliette Lacome (France)
3. Melania Suarez (Spain)
1. Costa Rica
2. Europe
3. Pacífic
4. Américas

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