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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo by: WSL/Kawana

The brother and sister McGonagle’s are at it again, making new strides on the World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying circuit. The elder Noe Mar broke new ground in the waves of Shida Point, Japan at the Gotcha Ichinomiya Chiba Open, and put in enough hard work to stay off the beach. He surfed in all the variable conditions and tides, and displayed his power surfing straight through to a tight Quarterfinal heat against the Brazilian surfer Marco Fernandez. He won.

“That was a nerve-racking heat, he was surfing one peak and I was surfing another so I’m super stoked to be in the final day,” said McGonagle. “The first 20-minutes of each heat I’m thinking more about myself and my game plan, and if I’m in the lead heading into the last 10 minutes or so I’ll start thinking about the other guy. But I’m really just trying to focus on my own game out there, focus on my strengths, and it’s been working.”

In the Semis, Noe Mar clashed with Hawaiian Seth Moniz and ultimately was surpassed late in the heat. Nevertheless, his final position in this QS6000 earned him a whopping 3,550 points and he bumped up to #27 in the QS rankings. The WSL have gone out on a limb and proclaimed that “the Costa Rican is never one to leave out of qualification conversation, finishing in the Top 100 each year since 2014,” but he has yet to win a major QS event.

“I learned a lot at this event, and one of the key things is to stick to my strengths no matter what,” he explained. “My surfing feels great and this is a result that really helps in the rankings. I just want to keep this confidence moving into the rest of this year and keep to my power surfing.”

Next up, sister Leilani found herself waiting out Tropical Storm Bud at Zippers in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, as the third round seed prepared for Los Cabos Open of Surf Women’s QS6000. After the storm, when she hit the waves, there remained some swell, and Leilani wasted no time showcasing her dominant backhand attack in a wave she has become very familiar with from previous competitions here.  Having just come off a win in the Barbados Surf Pro QS3000, here she was not so lucky, passing only two more rounds before finishing her work there in Mexico.

“It felt so good just to surf after waiting all day for my heat and dealing with the storm yesterday,” she said. “To have that Barbados result gives me a lot of confidence knowing I’ve got those points locked in and now I want a result here so I can be in the top 24.”

And so she is, ranked #21 in the Women’s QS chart.

At home, Anthony Fillingim proved not only that he’s back, but ready to be reckoned with in the winner’s circle. The 2016 Costa Rica national surf champion won the Copa 40 date of the kolbi Circuito Nacional de Surf 2018 presented by INS Joven and Adrenaline Rush in Bejuco.  He claimed his victory against José Joaquin López, Jason Torres and Alberto Muñoz, all very formidable competitors.

This win puts him again in the running for the year-end title, along with Jordan Hernandez, Malakai Martinez, Andre Chacon and Torres. With only the Jaco date last month (after we went to print), and the Gran Finals this month, these competitors will chose their four best date scores to see who’s the champ. (For updated rankings, go to

Results for Copa 40

Playa Bejuco

May 26 and 27, 2018

1. Anthony Fillingim (Santa Teresa)
Jose López (Jacó)
3. Jason Torres (Jacó)
4. Alberto Muñoz (Esterillos Oeste)
1. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua)
2. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua)
3. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
4. Valeria Ojeda
1. Aarón Ramírez (Jaco)
2. Malakai Martínez (Tamarindo)
3. Steven Arauz (Limón)
4. Gabriel Córdoba (Puerto Viejo)
Junior Women’s
Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)
3. Paulina Summers (Hone Creek)
4. Camila Summers (Hone Creek)

Sam Reydi (Dominical)
2. Aaron Álvarez (Jacó)
3. Isauro Elizondo (Panamá)
4. Darshan Antequera (Jacó)

1. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
2. Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)
3. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua)
4. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua)
1. Axel Castro (Limón)
2. Leonardo Apreda (Jacó)
3. Tosh Talbot
4. Ethan Hollander (Dominical)
1. Leonardo Apreda (Jacó)
2. Teo Galé (Panamá)
3. David Monge (Jacó)
4. Ulises Rangel
Minigrommet Girls
1. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua)
2. Bree Smith (Bejuco)
3. Rachel Agüero (Jacó)
4. Máxima Resano (Nicaragua)
5. Ericka Berra


One quick acknowledgement of import. Alvaro Solano, who is a two-time national surf champion from 2002 and 2003, just got his third consecutive victory in the Master (35 years old and up) category on the Circuito Integrado 2018, this one in Caldera.

“I’m very happy indeed with winning three straight, including on this beach which is a  totally different wave. Waves are not very big, but fun,” said Alvaro.

With this result, the Jacobean is surfing in Santa Teresa this month, before the finals in Playa Hermosa in August, with hopes—and skill—to pull in this 2018 trophy.

Results of Circuito Integrado 2018

El Hoya, Caldera

June 9 and 10, 2018

1. Alvaro Solano
Gilbert Brown
3. Roberto Vargas
4. David Sánchez
Grand Masters
1. Early Farrier
2. Roberto Vargas
3. Paulo Viales
4. Christopher Jiménez
1. Craig Schieber
2. Early Farrier
Christopher Jiménez
1. Christian Santamaría
2. Marcel Oliveira
3. Marcelo Morán
4. Andrés Rojas
SUP Surf
1. Jefferson Tascon
2. Marcel Oliveira
Álvaro Solano
4. David Sánchez


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