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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo by: Alfredo Barquero

It’s always a challenge to bring the most up-to-date information and results when composing this column less than two weeks before publication a month upfront. And, such is the case, with the Gran Finals of the Kolbi Circuito National de Surf presented by INS Joven and Adrenaline Rush. This nationwide contest comes to its 2017-18 conclusions on July 27 to 29 in Playa Hermosa. Going into that event, surfers were tallying their best dates and figuring out what their results in that last contest might mean for their rankings and the national championships in each category.

Last month, in Jaco, the top of the Open rankings were not affected by the win of local surfer Jair Pérez in front of Hotel Beach Break. Even his final was filled with a selection of guys who are out of top contention: Manuel Mesén, Leonardo Calvo and Ramón Taliani. Pérez’s 16.24 combo came at the last minute, pushing Mesén out of 1st place, a spot he held for a lot of the time. A backside copped Pérez a win and $400 in cash.

“Winning at home is the best thing that can happen to you as a surfer,” he exclaimed. “I want to dedicate this win to all these wonderful people of Jacó who came to support us during the weekend.”

With the win, Pérez did jump in the rankings to 37, but nowhere near the Top 5 Open guys. They are, in order from #1: Anthony Fillingim, Malakai Martínez, Jordon Hernandez, Andre Chacon and Jason Torres. Fillingim already has a national championship to his name, as does Jason Torres.

Another Jacó local, 13-year-old Valeria Ojeda also found herself with a bittersweet 1st place win for the Women’s. She has only done a few of the Circuito events this year, and with this win rose to #9 in the Women’s rankings,  but even beating Rubiana Brownell, Lisbeth Vindas and Emily Gussoni couldn’t dislodge Brownell from the top stop. The rest of the Top 5 in this category are #2 Coral Wiggins, #3 Lisbeth Vindas, #4 Zulay Martínez and #5 Paulina Summers.

“I studied this wave and train here a lot and as a result, I made a good tournament here and am happy with the result that was given,” said Ojeda.

The rest of the Top ranking spots going into the Gran Finals are: Juniors/Malakai Martinez; Junior Womens/Rubiana Brownell; Boys/Aaron Ramirez; Girls/Rubiana Brownell; Grommets/Axel Castro; Minigrommets/Leonardo Apreda; and Minigrommets Girls/Candelaria Resano. Note Brownell’s domination in 3 categories.

Copa INS Joven 2018

June 23, 24, 2018

Playa Jacó

1. Jair Pérez (Jacó)
2. Manuel Mesén (Jacó)
3. Leonardo Calvo (Barranca)
4. Ramón Taliani (Mal País)

Open Women’s
1. Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)
2. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
3. Emily Gussoni (Jacó)
4. Lisbeth Vindas (Jacó)

1. Malakai Martínez (Tamarindo)
2. Aarón Ramírez (Jacó)
3. Sam Reidy (Dominical)
4. André Chacón (Jacó)

Junior Women’s
1. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
2. Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)
3. Coral Wiggins (Avellanas)
4. Auxiela Ryan (Puerto Viejo)

1. Sam Reidy (Dominical)
2. Darshan Antequera (Jacó)
3. Ethan Hollander (Dominical)
4. Aarón Ramírez (Jacó)

1. Valeria Ojeda (Jacó)
2. Rubiana Brownell (Avellanas)
3. Auxiela Ryan (Puerto Viejo)
4. Rachel Agüero (Jacó)

1. Tosh Talbot

  1. Axel Castro
    3. Ethan Hollander
    4. Leonardo ApredaMinigrommets 
    1. David Monge (Jacó)
    2. Leonardo Apreda
    3. Ethan Hollander
    4. Keshan Allen (EE.UU)

    Minigrommet Girls
    1. Rachel Agüero (Jacó)
    2. Bree Smith (Bejuco)
    3. Ericka Berra (Puerto Viejo)

The Hurley Surf Open Acapulco QS 1000 is the last event in the Qualifying Series circuit before the prestigious Vans US Open in Huntington. Last year, Carlos Muñoz won’t his first-ever QS in Mexico, a long-awaited breakthrough for the Esterillos surfer. He’s there again to defend his title. And, who can forget, that after his showing in Acapulco last year, he went to California, and with momentum surfed to 4th place in that 10,000-point contest.

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