Olympus 2014 National Tour Gilbert Brown Is the New King of National Surf

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Before a large audience of over 4000 people, Gilbert Brown was crowned in Playa Hermosa de Jacó as the new National Surf Champion, after defeating his opponents in the Reef Grand Final and conquering his fourth national title.

Brown Lopez’s 18 years of competition have taught him something very important: do not give up until the horn indicates that it is the end.

At the end of 2014 Olympus National Tour, after achieving his place in the final, the new champion witnessed how the favorite Maykol Torres was defeated in the semifinals. That marked his fate to fight for the title.

Brown, who was also national champion in 2004, 2008, and 2012, had, in 2014 finals, two waves with scores of 7.50 and 7.00, during the final series in which he had to beat Anthony Segura, Jason Torres, and Luis Vindas.

Vindas, who was, from the beginning, the toughest opponent for Gilbert, with a wave of 8.50 (at the end he summed up 14.10), was only 30/10 to end Gilbert Brown’s dream, who score 14.50 at the end of the 20-minute series, from which he went out victorious and cheered by an audience that knows him, recognizes his effort, and loves him.

“In the water, all I did was ask God to not let me alone and send me only two waves. I told Him that if he gave that to me, I was going to do my best and that I would destroy those waves. The waves came to me and, as a man of his word, I gave everything I had on this date that made it so difficult for all the competitors due to the strong currents,” Brown said.

After winning this date and this championship, 32-year-old Gilbert Brown achieves a historic number of four national titles, doubling the number of surfers like Vindas and Álvaro Solano, who, since the beginning of the National Surf Circuit in 2012, have won two titles each.

Lisbeth Vindas: 11-Time Champion

Lisbeth, who turned 33 years recently, demonstrated that mental and physical preparation can make you achieve important things, such as obtaining her 11th title in the Circuit.

“I dreamed of this moment for several nights during the past weeks, to the point that I was actually able to do it. This year was even more difficult than before, because the level of the girls is increasing very fast and that is why I am very happy with myself,” said Lisbeth.

Reef Grand Final ended with a historic attendance that exceeded the 13 000 people during the three days of competition, besides the 15 000 who had access to the live streaming that day.

Next season promises to return again in December and close in July for the 15th chapter of Olympus National Circuit.

National Champions

Open: Gilbert Brown López (Puerto Viejo)

Open Women: Lisbeth Vindas (Jacó)

Junior: Manuel Mesén (Jacó)

Junior Women Leilani McGonagle

Boys: Sean Forester (Sámara)

Minigrommet: Dean Vandewalle (Tamarindo)

Minigrommet Women: Valentina Ressano (Nicaragua)

Reef Grand Final Results


1. Gilbert Brown López

2. Luis Vindas

3. Jason Torres

4. Anthony Segura

Open Women

1. Emily Gussoni

2. Leilani McGonagle

3. Lisbeth Vindas

4. Zulay Martínez


1. Leonardo Calvo

2. Juan Carlos Hernández

3. Manuel Mesén

4. Alejandro Delgado

Junior Women

1. Leilani McGonagle

2. Marcela García

3. Zulai Martínez

4. Emily Gussoni


1. Dennis Picado

2. Lorenzo Córdoba

3. Esteban Chaves

4. Aldo Chirinos


1. Anthony Flores

2. Aldolfo Gómez

3. Alex Gómez

4. Enrique Pacheco

5. Rafael Rodríguez

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