Jason Torres and Coral Wiggins win the Copa Hookd

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Tamarindo News Staff  Photo by: Alfredo Barquero courtesy: Federación de Surf de Costa Rica

The 2015 national surfing champion Jason Torres, and young surfer Coral Wiggins Araya both won the Copa HOOKD date of the Kölbi Circuito Nacional de Surf (CNS) presented by Adrenaline Rush. They did so in conditions that were unfamiliar to surfers who know Dominical, the location where the contest took place.

The wave at Playa Dominical steadily dropped over the contest weekend to the point that the best men surfing in the Open finals–Jason Torres, Maykol Torres, Sean Foerster and Jair Perez— had to run their maneuvers on waves about a foot high which were rather unexpected conditions in a wave that normally offers nice size and power.

Despite the challenge, the talent and high levels of these four made a show anyway, and ultimately Torres found two waves to total 13.57 (6.50 + 7.07), a sum that gave him the win. Only Foerster, a Guanacasteco who  just prior achieved the win in the Junior category, came close to beating Torres.

But Torres, pulled it out in the end, and later expressed a desire to take it all again this year.

“I’m happy to win again on the Circuito Nacional and am ready to fight for the championship that I want to win. I want to be taken back into account for the National Team and to be ISA World Champion this year. In truth, these are my goals,” Torres said.

After the victory, the Playa Jacó surfer accumulated his first 1,500 points from a beach contest that he had not previously won. The last winner in Dominical was Anthony Fillingim in 2015. Coral Wiggins takes both the Women’s and the Junior Women’s Coral Wiggins Araya of Guanacaste, the 16-year-old surfer and recent selection for Hurley’s team, not only won two of the most important categories of the CNS, but, after the fact, was recorded in the records books as the third surfer to obtain this achievement after Leilani McGonagle and Emily Gussoni.

After losing the final in Girls, she was able to claim these two major divisions, beating heavyweight competitors such as Valentina Resano of Nicaragua or the foreigner Rubiana Brownell. “I got a result that I’ve been working for.

This tournament is dedicated to my parents and my sponsors who make all this possible,” said Wiggins. The next date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf moves to Cocles Beach in Puerto Viejo, Limon, on March 25 and 26, for the second of 6 contests.


1. Jason Torres (Jaco) 2. Jair Pérez (Jaco) 3. Sean Foesrter (Sámara) 4. Maykol Torres (Esterillos Oeste)

WOMEN’S 1. Coral Wiggins (Avellanas) 2. Rubiana Brownell (Dominical) 3. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua) 4. Merary Jiménez (Quepos)

JUNIOR 1. Sean Foerster (Sámara) 2. Oscar Urbina (Puerto Viejo) 3. Francisco Coronado (Brasilito) 4. Joseph Méndez (Jacó)

JUNIOR WOMEN’S 1. Coral Wiggins Araya (Avellanas) 2. Zulay Martínez (Tamarindo) 3. Paulina Summers (Limón) 4. Emily Anderson (Pavones)

BOYS 1. Isauro Elizondo (Panamá) 2. Oscar Urbina (Puerto Viejo) 3. Samuel Reidy (Dominical) 4. Tao Rodríguez (Panamá)

GIRLS 1. Valentina Resano (Nicaragua) 2. Rubiana Brownell (Dominical) 3. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua) 4. Coral Wiggins (Avellanas)

GROMMETS 1. Samuel Reidy (Dominical) 2. Darshan Antequera (Jaco) 3. Aaron Ramirez (Jaco) 4. Leo Apreda (Jaco)

MINIGROMMETS 1. Kalani Abrahao 2. Teo Galé 3. Leo Apreda 4. Pietro Garroux

MINIGROMMETS GIRLS 1. Candelaria Resano (Nicaragua) 2. Rachel Agüero (Jaco) 3. Valeria Ojeda 4. Faith Tomas (Dominical)

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