In its Fourth Edition, French Players Won Davis Cup

  • This Tennis Cup is a classic between Argentine and French players, held in Tamarindo Tennis Club.

For the fourth consecutive year, the French team achieved a victory in which has already become a classic tennis cup in Tamarindo and which was held on November 22 and 23.

We are talking about the Davis Cup, so called due to the name of the official competition by country at an official level. In this case, traditionally, teams of two nations, France and Argentina, have competed in the tournament.

The eight players from each team played eight single matches on Saturday and four doubles matches on Sunday.

According to Olivier Van Houte, from Tamarindo Tennis Club and who has organized the competition during these four years, the French came well prepared this year. “Their captain Stefane managed to create this great team spirit necessary for this type of event. He also showed his talent with an impressive win against the best Argentine player Seba de Jacó,” said Van Houte. For Van Houte, the team from Argentina showed a lower level because few have trained before the event. However, he said, “they had a more than honorable role, since they were close to winning several well-played matches,” he acknowledged.

There are two figures that made an impact and deserve special mention: Marianno and Wensley, who went unbeaten in their two single and double matches. In the end, there were 9 wins favorable to France.

The Argentines promised to train hard during 2015 and try to reverse this bad run of four consecutive defeats.

Van Houte said that November is the beginning of a great season to play tennis as there are more competitive and social events taking place with the arrival of the dry season in Tamarindo.

“You can keep abreast by following Facebook page “Tamarindo tennis club,” he added.

Romain (F) / Paul Jaco (A) 6/1 7/5
Stefane (F) / Seba Jaco (A) 6/0 7/5
Jean mi (F) / Javier (A) 7/6 7/6
Remi (F) / Martin Negro(A) 4/6 6/4 10/5
Marianno (A) / Nico Punto 6/3 6/1
Jeremie (F) / Toni (A) 6/3 6/2
Olive Jaco (F) / Mattias (A) 6/1 6/4
Wensley (A) / Mimi (F) 6/2 6/2

France won 6/2 in single matches and 3/1 in double matches.

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