Hot Brazilian Surfer Promotes Costa Rica as a Tourist Destination for Surfing

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• Carioca has over a decade of being among the great surfers of the world.

• Just last year alone, nearly 250 thousand people who entered the country by air surfed in Costa Rica.

The country wants to take advantage of its excellent conditions for the practice of surf, a sport that attracts more travelers around the world every day.

Adriano de Souza, winner of over 11 awards worldwide in the category of surf and creditor of the sixth spot in the world ranking of the greatest exponents of the sport, is the promoter that the Costa Rican Board of Tourism envisions to endorse the strengths of Costa Rica as a tourist destination.

Alejandro Castro, Deputy Manager and Marketing Manager at ICT, said that the visit of this great exponent of international surf aims at the country to strengthening its image and tourist attractions in the Brazilian market, which in recent years has had an increase of international arrivals that goes from 12 340, in 2008, to 15 934 tourists in 2013, from all ports of entry.

“Costa Rica has become the ideal place to enjoy various tourist activities and adventure sports, such as surfing, which further to make us reach an international position, promote our model of sustainable tourism development,” said Castro.

Just last year alone, nearly 250 thousand people who entered the country by air practiced surfing in Costa Rica and even those who mentioned it as one of the activities undertaken during their stay in the country (regardless of their main purpose of travel) stayed in our territory for about 16 nights and generated an average expenditure throughout their stay of $ 1329. The origin of this type of tourists was mainly the United States (52%) and Canada (11%).

Castro explained that, in order to take advantage of the positioning of our destination and the international reputation we enjoy, ICT developed a cooperative campaign with Welcome Surf Trips wholesaler, based in Brazil, so that, in their efforts of promotion, it could generate a strategy that will allow the visit of this great worldwide exponent of surfing and thus increase the promotion of the country as a tourist destination in the Brazilian market.

Always within the framework of the co-op campaign, they are placing ads in magazines in Brazil and promotional banners on independent and the wholesale company web sites t. All joint promotions between ICT and Welcome Surf Trips will be in effect in the Brazilian market until September of this year.

The Cooperative Campaigns Program has as its main goal to achieve greater participation of national and international private sector in Costa Rican promotional efforts, to maximizing the use of budgetary resources for investment in promotion, encouraging Costa Rica tourism product sales in markets of interest by companies, encouraging the entering of travelers in segments of interest to Costa Rica, supporting strategic actions for opening and maintaining access routes in our country, among other actions.

Costa Rica enjoys international recognition as a major haven for the development of surfing, on par with destinations such as Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia.

This motivated our country to becoming home to two major events worldwide such as the World Surfing Games in 2009 and, subsequently, in 2011, the Central American Surf Championship.

For this reason, being Adriano de Souza a leader in the activity of surfing, his visit will amplify the recommendation of our destination, thanks to him sharing his experience in Costa Rica, through various online communication channels such as web sites and social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Souza said that our country is a preferred site for the development of surf, due to water conditions and characteristics of the beaches, so providing the optimal performance of this sport, and which, added to the warmth of the Costa Rican people, guarantee a unique and unforgettable experience.

“Being part of this project has been a pleasure for me, so I’m sure my trip will be great. I know how much the local people like to surf and they are always friendly, so I can say with certainty that Costa Rica is a unique place,” said Souza.

The reception of the famous surfer took place under the Grand Final of the National Surf Circuit event organized by the Federation of Surf of Costa Rica, which also included the participation of the favorite surfer for 2014 national title in the different categories.

Adriano de Souza

  • He started surfing at age of 8 and started competing at the age of 10.
  • By the age of 15, the media called him Brazil’s surfing hope.
  • In 2003, he called the attention of the world when becoming Junior World Champion.
  • In 2006, he classified for the world surfing tour and, since 2008, he is one of the top 10 surfers of the world.
  • Among his victories, we could include: Billabong Pro in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Rip Curl Pro 2011. Second place in Quiksilver Pro.
  • In 2013, he was crowned general champion of Rip Curl Pro.
  • He has been in the surfing elite for the past 10 years.

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