Government of Costa Rica Invests over $3.7 Million in Sports Organizations

Written by Tamarindo News

The National Sports Council will invest $3,736,890 USD of its budget to give funds to 60 sports federations, associations and the National Olympic Committee (CON).

The announcement was made by the Minister of Sports, Hernán Solano Venegas. More specifically, $3,244,113.00 are destined for the sports federations and associations and $492,776.00 for the National Olympic Committee.

In the case of the CON, this is the third contribution it receives since May 2018, they had previously received over $1.8 million in two previous disbursements. On the other hand, the budget for the federations and sports associations last year was of $3,036,790.00 USD which means there was an increase of over $200 thousand for this year.

Solano explained that these resources can be used by the entities to hire sports managers, to pay international participations, the development of sports schools’ programs, regionalization, training and the representation of the country in competitions in and out of our boarders.

“If we plan for the long term and we support our athletes with the proper financing for their preparation, we will increase the chances to reach a higher number of wins both nationally and internationally”, commented Solano.

“Sports contribute in the promotion of our country internationally through our high performance athletes and generate diversity of events nationally and internationally. At the same time, it is a fundamental tool in the construction of values, and it gives Costa Rica an important sports tourism attraction”, concluded Minister Solano.

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