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Tamarindo News Staff .Photo by: Alfredo Barquero courtesy: Federación de Surf de Costa Rica

With a route of six dates, the 17th year of the Kölbi Circuito Nacional de Surf by Adrenaline Rush, will for the first-time kick off its season in the incredible waves of Playa Dominical.

The contest will take place January 21 and 22 in front of Tortilla Flats restaurant and is a 4-star event. The complete calendar is as follows: January 21 and 22 Dominical March 25 and 26 Puerto Viejo April 22 and 23 Santa Teresa May 20 and 21 Nosara June 24 and 25 Jacó July 21, 22 and 23 Hermosa From January to July, once every 30 days (except for the month of February), a tournament will take place, visiting the four oceanfront sectors of the country: North, South, Central Pacific and the Caribbean side as well with the date of Playa Cocles de Puerto Viejo.

The Federación de Surf de Costa Rica (FSC) announced that for this new year, competitors will tally the points from the best 4 of 6 dates, and the surfers with highest final sum of points at the close of .Tamarindo News Staff .Photo by: Alfredo Barquero courtesy: Federación de Surf de Costa Rica the season after the finals in Hermosa will be the 2017 national champions.

The categories available for participation will be the same as in 2016: Open, Women’s, Junior, Junior Women’s, Boys (Under 16), Girls (Under 16), Grommets (Under 14), Mini Grommet (Under 12), MiniGrommet Girls (Under 12). Once again, the contests will run in front of two active podiums at a time, a strategy that was initiated for the management of the Circuito by the FSC two seasons ago and, to date, has been successful in controlling the number of heats that run over the weekend.

“We are very excited to be able to announce a new start to the longest running championship in national surfing,” said Randall Chaves, FSC President.

“The National Surfing Circuit is the main exhibition tool in the country that is in the hands of competitors. In addition, it is the final stage to demonstrate why each athlete should be called up to National Team that, in 2017, will travel to France for the World Cup,” he added.

The reigning national champion is Anthony Fillingim (Santa Teresa) with Leilani McGonagle (Pavones) holding that distinction for the Women.

Entries for the first date will be available starting January 2 for a total of $40 in each of all categories. Membership by competitor for the season will cost $60.

Details are available at Circuito Guanacaste de Surf kicks off its new season in Tamarindo Last month, in small waves of Tamarindo, the OTIS presents KIA CGS 2017 PRO/AM kicked off its 4th year. Jason Torres from Jaco won the contest and earned $500.

Among the standouts over the weekend was 13-year-old Ruby Brownell of Avellanas, who in only her second year of surfing, and second year of competing in the CGS, found herself in 3 finals: Women’s (which she won), Girls (Under 16) and Boys (Under 14). Also performing well was Tiago Carrique from Playa Negra who won Boys (Under 16) and made the finals in the Open and Juniors.

The next date of the CGS is February 11-12 in Marbella, followed by March 11-12 in Santa Teresa, April 8-9 in Avellanas and the finals May 6-7 in Playa Negra. For more information, and to register for the dates, please go to

OTIS PRESENTS KIA CGS 2017 PRO/AM COPA WITCH’S ROCK SURF CAMP December 17-18, 2016 Playa Tamarindo

OPEN – ABIERTO 1. Jason Torres 2. Tiago Carrique 3. Angelo Bonomelli 4. Ramón Taliani

OPEN WOMEN – ABIERTO FEMENINO 1. Ruby Brownell 2. Coral Wiggins 3. Emily Gussoni 4. Elisa Bonomelli JUNIORS 1. Dean Vandewalle 2. Malakai Martínez 3. Tiago Carrique 4. Orion Eschel

BOYS U16 – NIÑOS SUB16 1. Tiago Carrique 2. Sam Reidy 3. Dean Vandewalle 4. Malakai Martínez GIRLS U16 –

NIÑAS SUB16 1. Lia Díaz 2. Ruby Brownell 3. Coral Wiggins 4. Erika Solís

BOYS U14 – NIÑOS SUB14 1. Axel Castro 2. Tiago Leao 3. Ruby Brownell 4. Odín Rodríguez

GROMS – GRUMETES 1. Ziggy Myrie 2. Pietro Garroux 3. Kalani Abrahao 4. Isaiah Dawson


BEST WAVE – MEJOR OLA Jason Torres 10pt quarterfinals Angelo Bonomelli 10pt quarterfinals Malakai Martínez 10pt U16 semifinals

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