Costa Rica took 5th at World Surfing Games

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. By Tamarindo News Staff . Photos by: Alfredo Barquero courtesy Federación de Surf de CR.

Before thousands of people gathered for the closing of the INS ISA World Surfing Games Costa Rica 2016 in Playa Jacó, the country’s national surf team placed 5th among 26 teams that were present to compete at the one of the largest international championships in the history of the ISA.

With inconsist waves, the team had a difficult challenge to regain the world title that they earned last year in Nicaragua.

This time, it was just not possible for Costa Rica even though on the last day they still had their best hope alive when Noe Mar McGonagle classified to participate in his second consecutive World Surfing Games final.

This time, when he took the podium at the end of the final, it was to be awarded the bronze medal for coming in 3rd place. So it was that the gold medal was achieved by the Peruvian team, the individual gold won by the Argentine Leandro Usuna and the United States’ Tia Blanco for the women’s, and in the Aloha Cup by the United States.

At the completion of this World Surfing Games, Costa Rica added two bronze medals to their collection: one for 3rd place in the tag team Aloha Cup and the other for Noe Mar’s Open performance. McGonagle previously held a gold medal from his work in Nicaragua.´

“We must be very proud. It was a world championship with a high level from our rivals. Costa Rica gave the day-to-day fight, we had a team to win, but it was very competitive. We congratulate the right gold medal winners Peru,” said Noe Mar.

This was the second time that Costa Rica has placed fifth, the first time being in 2008 when they completed in Portugal’s World Surfing Games. In addition, this is the second bronze medal won by Noe Mar. In 2013, he was 3rd in the Junior Surfing Games in Panama.

This year, Playa Jacó received up to 60,000 people from all over the country to see this edition of the World Surfing Games, according to the Costa Rican Red Cross. Next, from September 17 to 25 September on the island of Azores, Portugal, Costa Rica will send a full team to the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships.


1- Perú 3188

2- Portugal 2924

3- USA 2860

4- France 2848

5- Costa Rica


1- Leandro Usuna . Argentina

2- Lucca Messinas . Perú

3- Noe Mar McGonagle . Costa Rica

4- Francisco Bellorin . Venezuela


1- Tia Blanca . United States

2- Dominic Barona . Ecuador

3- Pauline Ado . France

4- Justine Dupont . France

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