Costa Rica Open of Surfing Is Almost Here!

Written by Tamarindo News

On December 6, for the first time in the history of national surfing, Costa Rica Open of Surfing will take place. It has prices worth 8.2 million colones and promises a tight competition among the best surfers, national and foreign.

In this event, the Open, Women’s Open and Junior (U-18) categories are going to be measured. It will close the day after with the semifinals and finals. The competition will begin at 7:00 am both days.

The maximum number of competitors allowed by the organizers will be 96 surfers, divided into three divisions. The Open Category will receive 48 competitors, while Women’s Open and Junior categories will receive 24 surfers each.

As to the fees, the Open category will cost $ 120; Women’s Open and Junior categories will be $ 80. No membership or annual payment fees are going to be charged for any category.

“Everything is practically ready for LIFE’s new project to start. We are extremely pleased with the development and production of this event, which we know will be remembered for long. We are confident that the public will take home the memory of an amazing weekend,” said Alejandro Fonseca, event organizer, who has the backing of the Costa Rica Surfing Federation.

The organizers confirmed how the prizes will be awarded. The Open category will receive the most money. Only Costa Rica Open of Surfing’s Champion will receive a total of $ 10,000.

Prizes will be distributed as follows:

Open: $ 10,000.
Women’s Open: $ 2,500.
Junior: $ 2500.

Individually, this is the way in which the prizes will be distributed among the best.

1st – $ 6,000.
2nd – $ 3,000.
3rd – $ 1,000.
4th – Awards from the sponsors

Women’s Open and Junior:
1rst – $ 1500.
2nd – $ 750.
3rd – $ 250.
4th – Awards from the sponsor

The end-of-year event’s official website is, direction in which the best surfers in the country and from abroad have been able to register!

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