August Surf Report

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden

First and foremost, I want to start off this month’s surf column with an apology to Jorgelina Agramunt of Avellanas Surf Photos for using her photo (seen here) in last month’s report on the Triple Corona Masters SUP & Longboard without proper credit to her.  I apologize and endeavor to be more diligent about attributing work to the right person.

It is with great pleasure and much pride that I announce that Jason Torres of Jaco is the 2017 national surf champion of Costa Rica. This makes his second national title, and he obtained this wonderful achievement by taking it all at the Gran Final Reef date of the Kolbi Circuito Nacional presented by INS and Adrenaline Rush last month in Hermosa de Jaco.  He bested some very good surfers including Jair Perez (who was already in contention to be the champ if he placed higher than Torres in this contest), Leonard Calvo and Jose Joaquin Lopez.

Torres’ feat was even more amazing because the waves in Playa Hermosa were very small, and even riding 10 of them in the last heat, he only scored 8.50 (5.00 and 3.50) to win.

“I’m happy to meet a goal that I set out for at the start of the season,” said Torres, who won his first national championship in 2015. “Winning this title and that way I did it is very nice. So, I thank everyone who supported me and who was there for me in the season.”

Possibly more significant in the final results of the year is the fact that 12-year old Nicaraguan Valentina Resano is the new national women’s surf champion of Costa Rica. She is now the youngest women’s champion in the history of the Circuito Nacional. She joins the elite ranks that include Leilani McGonagle (Pavones), Lisbeth Vindas (Jaco) and Nataly Bernold (Jaco).

Explained Resano: “”The truth is that I did not come to Hermosa to win but to play a good role. However, the results were given and I could get something that I only imagined at the beginning of the year.”

Valentina’s sister Candelaria was able to take home the national Minigrommets Girls title.

Zulay Martinez won her first national championship, this for the Junior Women’s. And, once again, her cousin Malakai was the Boys national championship even though he missed some dates because of his international surf contests.

The Gran Final REEF hosted about 3,000 spectators coming to see who would win the annual trophies. Points from competitors’ best five dates (out of seven) were totaled to determine the 2017 champions.

2017 Costa Rica National Champions:

Open: Jason Torres

Women’s Valentina Resano

Junior: Sean Foerster

Junior Women’s: Zulay Martínez

Boys: Malakai Martínez

Grommets: Samuel Reydi

Minigrommets: Kalani Abrahao

Minigrommets Girls: Candelaria Resano


Winners La Gran Final Reef

July 22, 23, 2017

Playa Hermosa de Jaco


  1. Jason Torres
  2. Jose López
  3. Leonardo Calvo
  4. Jair Pérez


  1. Valentina Resano
  2. Emily Gussoni
  3. Eva Woodland
  4. Zulay Martínez


  1. Sean Foerster
  2. Malakai Martínez
  3. Sebastián Mora
  4. Josia Knapp

Junior Women’s

  1. Zulay Martínez
  2. Emily Gussoni
  3. Rubiana Brownell
  4. Paulina Summers


  1. Malakai Martínez
  2. Gabriel Córdoba
  3. Cedrick McCrakin
  4. Darshan Antequera


  1. Candelaria Resano
  2. Valentina Resano
  3. Rubiana Brownell
  4. Auxiela Ryan


  1. Samuel Reidy
  2. Isauro Elizondo
  3. Axel Castro
  4. Leo Apreda


  1. Samuel Reidy
  2. Isauro Elizondo
  3. Axel Castro
  4. Leo Apreda

Minigrommets Girls

  1. Candelaria Resano
  2. Valeria Ojeda
  3. Auxiela Ryan
  4. Rachel Agüero
  5. Maxima Resano

Last, but certainly never least…After a while out of the spotlight Carlos Muñoz of Esterillos finally drew some attention with a win, his 1st place position at the Powerade Surf Open Acapulco Men’s QS1000.  This was his first-ever win since he started doing  the Qualifying Series (QS) in 2009.

“The always-charismatic Carlos Muñoz (CRI) is back on Mexican soil and blasted an incredible performance to begin his campaign with the day’s best single-wave score, 9.00 (out of a possible 10), and heat total of 16.50 (out of a possible 20). A tough start to 2017 seemed to be behind the Costa Rican who came out firing on all cylinders with near-flawless surfing in the trickier afternoon conditions,” said Andrew Nichols of the World Surf League (WSL).

With that start, the diminutive surfer with the bushy hair was favored to get, at the very least, into the finals. But he surpassed that promise.  “Muñoz’s searing rail carves long with big aerial antics helped power his way through to  massive win as one of the event standouts and finally earning his breakthrough,” continued Nichols.

 Muñoz himself said: “I’ve been dreaming of this day for so many years and it’s finally happened, you just never know when it’s going to happen,” Munoz said. “I feel like I didn’t surf that great in the final, but I got the job done and I tried to compete my hardest. I’m just stoked to win for my country, Central America and just pura vida.”

Next stop for Muñoz is the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach where he will join the other Ticos Noe Mar McGonagle (Pavones), and Aldo Chirinos (Negra).  He hopes to build on his QS ranking which is only 107 at the mid-point of the competitive year.


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