Anthony Fillingim is the new National Surf Champion

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Tamarindo News Staff   Photo by Alfredo Barquero

After an unprecedented season, Anthony Fillingim, the surfer from Santa Teresa, was crowned the new National Surf Champion after he made and broke historic records in this year’s Circuito Nacional de Surf Kolbi, presented by Adrenaline Rush.

He was the leader from the start of the season to the completion of the latest date. In front of about 1,500 people who gathered from Santa Teresa and Malpais to see the final heat of the COPA Otis Eyewear, Fillingim won the national championship on his home break.

The heat also included Carlos Muñoz, Alberto Muñoz and Angelo Bonomelli, but the crowd witnessed the first perfect 20.00 score in the history of the Circuito Nacional.

This became his win #4 in the 6 dates out of 7. Although the final heat featured an extremely high level of surfing, between the Muñoz brothers and Bonomelli all getting waves in the range of excellent (between 8.00 and 10.00 points), it was Fillingim’s record-setting perfect score (20 points) that delivered him his first national Open title.

After Fillingim classified in 6 finals in 6 games, earning him the final sum of points on the ranking of 7,290, an unattainable figure for all 94 surfers who started this year’s Open to reach.

His closest follower on the rankings, ,

as of the end of the Santa Teresa contest, has 5,205 points. Even with a win in the Gran Finals REEF this month in Hermosa, Bonomelli could only reach 6,605 and Carlos Muñoz only 5,870 points.

Thus, there are other records that Anthony inaugurated this season, including: 4 perfect 10 scores in 3 finals including the first perfect 20.00, remained the sole ranking leader of the Circuito, and reaching the finals podium in 6 out of 6 dates in which he participated.

He also became the first National Open Champion to receive the title before the finals, even though the finals deliver more points than the other dates.

“It was a very special feeling to be crowned National Champion in front of so many special people from my childhood; they all supported me from the beach,” Fillingim said.

“Now, I will look for new sponsors in order to ascend to the next level which would be the WSL on the WQS joining Tomas King, Noe Mar McGonagle and Carlos Muñoz.

That’s my dream, see you in the Final,” he added.

After his work, Anthony Fillingim not only has the Costa Rica national championship under his belt , but he also holds a Latin American championship, one individual silver medal in a ISA World Championship, two gold medals as a member of the Costa Rica national surf team including one from last year’s World Championship as well the Central American championships.

He even has a Junior national title in this country. Santa Teresa offered spectacular waves for the COPA Otis Eyewear, with summer climate in winter and a great crowd who managed, like the faithful, to give their biggest star a push to become National Champion in his home.

The next date of the Circuito Nacional Kölbi presented by Adrenaline Rush, is going to be the Gran Final REEF in Playa Hermosa Jacó, on July 15, 16 and 17.


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