VILA Dishwasher Magnet, Household Appliance Badge Depicts “Clean” & “Dirty”, Easy to Read White Letters with Black Background, Use on Magnetic Surfaces Such as Stainless Steel, Iron & Nickel, 1-Piece

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Price: $4.95
(as of Oct 26,2021 03:18:12 UTC – Details)

Super Easy to Use
The fun and functional appliance badge is the easiest and quickest way to keep your household chores organized. Keep this handy magnet stuck to the front of your appliance for a straightforward way of communicating whether it is dirty or clean. Place the button with the Clean side upwards to indicate that the dishwasher needs to be unloaded. With a quick flip, rotate the magnet to display the Dirty side upwards showing that it’s time to run the cycle.

Great for Home and Commercial Use
Having a reminder magnet on the dishwasher at home can be a great help for busy moms and dads, but it also very helpful outside of the household. In restaurants, hotels and many other businesses, communication is key to keeping the place running smoothly and successfully. Train your cleaning staff or hired maids to utilize the Clean and Dirty Magnet to communicate with one another and management whether a room or appliance has been cleaned yet or not.

✔ COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY WITH FAMILY — Not only is the dishwasher magnet cute and stylish upgrade from the monochrome magnets, but it is also very effective at communicating with your family the status of the dishes inside the washer. Instead of telling everyone in the house ten times a day whether the dishes are clean or dirty, simply flip the magnet upside down to the appropriate side.
✔ ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO HELP OUT — Teaching your children how to properly care for the household while they are young greatly helps them out as an adult living on their own. Using the practical Clean or Dirty reminder badge is a clear, simple way to encourage kids to help with basic chores like loading and unloading the dishwasher. Other than that, the retro American Housewife magnet surely gives your space a classic vibe and makes for a good housewarming gift.
✔ ATTRACTIVE DESIGN AND EASY TO READ — With a 3” diameter and pretty girl image, apart from the large, sassy, easy-to-read descriptive text tells you the appliances’ status from afar. The background of the button is black with the words “dirty” and “clean” in contrast colors with a cool pattern. The glossy finish stays looking new for long-term use. It surely goes well with the America-themed kitchen.
✔ STRONG, MAGNETIC BACKING — The high quality iron backing is magnetized so that the refrigerator button securely adheres to surfaces without any sticky residue. The magnet is powerful enough to stay in place without slipping or falling when the door is opened, but still easy to remove and reposition.

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