New asphalt layer put down on Tamarindo Airport

  • Terminal receives 2,500 tourists per month
  • Six commercial airline flights plus many other chartered flights arrive per day

The Tamarindo Airport, in Guanacaste, has a new asphalt layer on its 900-meterlong landing strip. The improvement facilitates the aircrafts´ landings,, increases safety as well as upgrades the aesthetics of the terminal.

The works were developed by the Diriá Group –the property owner– with the purpose of renewing the runaway, the access ramps as well as the aircraft parking areas. According to David López, Manager of Sansa in Tamarindo, approximately 2,500 national and international tourists arrive monthly to Tamarindo through this port on six commercial flights, plus many other chartered flights each day.

“The community had been waiting for these works for a long time and tourism industry is the main source of income and employment in the area. Therefore, we are more than satisfied with the accomplishment that will have a positive impact on the local economy in a very important season,” López emphasized.

It takes 45 minutes to fly from the Central Valley to the Tamarindo Airport, which was inaugurated 35 years ago.

“The renewal works are very important because they increase safety conditions as well as upgrade the aesthetics for the visitors, who arrive to an airport that offers ideal conditions for passenger transportation,” López said.

Positive signal Hernán Imhoff, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo, said that the improvements at the local airport will help strengthen this area’s reputation as the most popular tourist beach destination in Guanacaste.

“It is important to emphasize that we have achieved the goal to maintain a significant growth in the preference of the varied group segments in the population. Besides, the airline ticket costs to Tamarindo are reasonable, which allows us to consolidate our position in a very competitive market,” highlighted Imhoff.

According to the CCTT President, the renewing of the local airport´s runaway will contribute to making Tamarindo more attractive to tourist operators, car rentals, investors and entrepreneurs.

“First class transportation routes are crucial for the tourism business. This is a positive signal in the right direction, together with the variety of entertainment options we offer in town to satisfy so many different tastes,” Imhoff detailed. Last month, Tamarindo Beach presented cultural gastronomic and musical events, such as the Ocaso Festival in January and, more recently, last month, a cultural happening organized by the Tamarindo Arts Foundation (TAF).