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As of this March 15th, access to the Turrialba volcano will be enabled through the Monte Calas sector. The entry of visitors through this place was interrupted for three weeks. Now it will be possible thanks to a work led by the Ministry of Environment and Energy in coordination with other agencies.
Currently, the mechanism to reserve entry to the National Park is done through the page of the Usure Association. It is a local organization responsible for providing guide services. However, for next April the reservation system will be through the official website of the National System of Conservation Areas.
The cost of entry is ¢ 1,000 for resident visitors and $ 12 for non-residents (plus the Value Added Tax). This must be canceled with a debit or credit card at the ranger station.
More details for admission
Official access to the park is from the Tapojo sector, on cantonal route 020. According to the authorities, guidance will be provided in groups of a maximum of 17 people. They will have 4 hours of time to complete the tour, according to the following schedules:
Group 1: 5 a. m.
Group 2: 6 a. m.
Group 3: 7 a. m.
Group 4: 8 a. m.
Group 5: 9 a. m.
Group 6: 10 a. m.
This National Park had suspended the entry of visitors since 2012. This due to the increase in the frequency and intensity of the eruptions. The eruptive period or cycle lasted for several years and impacted the ecosystems and resources of the protected area, including the infrastructure for public use.

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