World’s First Unisex Condom Is Created.

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The first unisex condom in the world, it can be used by men or women. It is made from a medical grade material used for injuries. It is the Wondaleaf condom, the world’s first unisex condom, whose inventor, a Malaysian gynecologist, hopes that it will allow people to better control their sexual health, regardless of their sex or sexual orientation.

A Malaysian gynecologist claims that Wondaleaf is the world’s first unisex condom, which is made from a medical-grade material that is commonly used as a dressing for wounds and injuries.

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It is basically a normal condom with an adhesive cover. It is a condom with an adhesive cover that adheres to the vagina or penis, in addition to covering the adjacent area for greater protection.

Tang Ing Chinh added that the adhesive is only applied to one side of the condom, which means that it can be reversed and used by either sex.

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What is the Wondaleaf unisex condom made of?

These condoms are made of polyurethane, a material used in transparent wound dressings because it is thin and flexible, as well as being strong and waterproof. The Wondaleaf has gone through several rounds of research in addition to clinical testing.

Based on the number of clinical trials that have been performed on Wondaleaf, the Twin Catalyst gynecologist, he claims to be quite optimistic that, over time, it will be a “significant contribution to the many contraceptive methods used in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and infections of sexual transmission”.


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