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On the eve of their new album, “Music Of The Spheres”, Coldplay today announced a world tour that will accompany the release in 2022. “The Music Of The Spheres World Tour” will begin on March 18, 2022 with the band’s first concert in Costa Rica at the National Studio, before traveling to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Poland, France, Belgium. and the UK.

Why Costa Rica to open the world tour?

In 2019, Coldplay committed to making its future tours as environmentally friendly as possible and Costa Rica 99% of the electricity grid is renewable. “Whenever it is available, we will use the electrical network from 100% renewable sources. That is why we are starting the tour in Costa Rica, where 99% of the electricity grid is renewable,” the band mentioned.

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The show will be powered by completely renewable, very low-emission energy, with solar installations at each venue, used cooking oil, a kinetic stadium floor, and fan-driven kinetic bikes. This energy will be stored in the first rechargeable mobile battery (developed and manufactured in partnership with BMW from recyclable BMW i3 batteries).

This news was shared by the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado:

“It is a pride to see how Costa Rica stands out every day for having renewable energy. This time the musical group Coldplay chose us to start their new tour in March 2022, through our renewable electricity network. In the last 6 years we have exceeded 98% of clean generation using five different generation sources and this year, as of September, it reached 99.9%”.

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