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The combination of tourist activities and the connectivity that Costa Rica offers is becoming increasingly attractive for world travelers, as the country shows a 4.5% growth in air arrivals in the first half of this year. “The figures reflect stable and solid growth,” said María Amalia Revelo, Minister of Tourism.

Adventure, nature walks through the protected areas and observation of fauna are ranked as the favorite activities of the visitors, according to the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Operators (ACOT), an entity that groups the receiving agencies. Although they vary by area, the common denominator among the proposals is the prominence of Costa Rican biodiversity.

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Unique experience

“Costa Rica offers a sustainable, unique and authentic experience, offering a variety of destinations, climates, landscapes and activities, concentrated in a relatively small, safe and peaceful territory, which can be visited all year round,” said Kathia Valverde, president of ACOT.

In the Pacific, beaches and water activities stand out, while in the Caribbean the focus is on Tortuguero. Both coasts, at this time, offer two spectacles worthy of admiration, on the one hand, in the Pacific it is whale season while in the Caribbean, it is turtle nesting season. Volcanoes and hot springs are other attractions that make Costa Rica a unique, world-famous destination.

At the moment, tourism is going through the green season, which represents a good time to go out and explore the country at competitive prices. Beyond this, some companies in the sector maintain differentiated rates for nationals.

The favorites

Although each destination offers multiple activities, the tourists’ favorites are the following:


Thermal waters

Hike to Arenal Volcano National Park


Hanging bridges


Bird watching

Great Metropolitan Area

City tour

Poás volcano and La Paz waterfall


Water activities in general


Sunset cruises


Visit to Palo Verde

Manuel Antonio

Mangrove tour

Visit to the national park

Monte Verde


Hanging bridges

Butterfly farm

Visit to the reserve


Canals tour

Turtle watching when it is season; that is, now

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