Wellness Tourism in Costa Rica Is the Vacation Experience…

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53% of millennials seek experiences that are related to well-being, according to data from the Global Wellness Institute and the Global Wellness Summit. Travelers in this segment invest up to 130% more in accommodation according to the Global Wellness Institute

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute Reinforces the Wellness Pura Vida Strategy to Position our Country as a Place to Improve Physical and Mental Health.jpg

While other studies indicate that tourists in this segment invest up to 130% more in their hotel stays than the rest of the travelers.For this reason, this type of tourism has become the most requested vacation proposal worldwide.By identifying that there is an important niche that is looking for this new experience, more and more hotels are adapting their offer and service to this way of vacationing.

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Resonance Costa Rica, the place to change your life positively

One of them is Resonance Costa Rica who created an exclusive Wellness Program for its guests, which provides physical and mental well-being, and allows reconnecting with nature.

“The program combines exercise, nature, food, meditation and others, in order to provide an option that allows our guests to maintain their healthy lifestyle or, for those who are starting with healthier consumption habits, to balance, to connect with nature and reconnect with himself. It includes recreational activities to promote healthy lifestyles and combines exercise, nature, food, and meditation.

Inspired by the four elements of nature that are fire, water, earth and air, this practice can be enjoyed in different stages, each day focused on a different element with activities and meditations designed to accompany each element. All meals based on the principles of yogic nutritional therapy can also be taken in groups, couples or individuals.

For more information on this unique experience, visit:

Resonance Costa Rica

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