Vegan Woman Breastfeeds Her Boyfriend Twice a Week Because She Says It Is Nutritious

Written by Tamarindo News

A vegan woman confessed that she breastfeeds her fiancé because she missed the feeling of giving milk to her children and because it is “nutritious” for him. It is about the couple between Lana and Shawn Michaels, who in an interview related their unusual eating habit.

Lana is a former teacher, vegan, and mother of two 11 and 7-year-olds, and commented that she enjoyed the feeling of giving them milk when they were little. “I breastfed my oldest son for eight months and my daughter for two years,” she said explaining that “I really missed breastfeeding and the feeling of it,” she commented. The woman explained that she does not want to have more children and that “they are too old to feed now, but I liked the idea of ​​breastfeeding with Shawn.”

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The couple assures that the idea of ​​breastfeeding their partner came after having a swinger date (the practice of changing sexual partners) It was from that moment that Lana began taking a herbal supplement to restart her milk production.

Less negative impact

Additionally, Shawn stated that “we don’t think it’s weird and we don’t care if it’s not normal.”Finally, the couple believes that while drinking breast milk as adults is taboo, but that it is “nutritious” and that “there is a more negative impact on enslaving an animal like a cow than drinking human milk that is made for us.”


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