Up to 9 Years in Prison is Approved for Whoever Abuses Animals

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The Legislation and Municipal Administration and Environmental Protection and Climate Change commissions of the Congress in the State of Mexico unanimously approved reforms to the Municipal Organic Law and the Criminal Code of the entity to increase the penalties for those who commit the crime of animal abuse.

How many years could a person spend in prison for animal abuse?

In the State of Mexico, whoever causes malicious injuries, performs erotic acts or commits sexual abuse against animals, will receive penalties of up to 4 years in prison or up to 6 years if the act is photographed, videotaped, and/or broadcasted.

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The initiative, proposed by the deputy María Elizabeth Millán García, indicates that, whoever causes the non-immediate death and prolongs the agony of any animal that does not constitute a plague, will be imposed from 3 to 6 years in prison, which will be increased by up to one half, that is, up to 9 years, when the abuse is committed by public servants who are commissioned to handle those animals.

The mistreatment and sexual abuse of animals will be punished up to 4 years and the prolongation of the agony up to 6 years in prison. Public servants who commit abuse could receive up to 9 years in prison.

Economic fines

The fines established for these crimes of animal abuse will range from 26,800 to more than 40,000 Mexican pesos.

New obligations of city councils

According to the reforms, each city council of the State of Mexico must create a Unit and a Municipal Council for Animal Control and Welfare. The Unit created will develop programs for the sterilization and adoption of dogs, cats and companion animals, in addition to the population control of dogs and cats in the street through sterilization, for which it must have mobile units and veterinary medical personnel. The holder of this unit must have a degree and certificate in Veterinary Medicine, Zootechnics or any profession that is related to the knowledge of the care and handling of animals.

The Municipal Council will have consultation functions for the prevention, agreements and execution of actions, and must guarantee the inclusion of people with experience in animal care and from civil society organizations that carry out actions in favor of animal care.

As of the publication of the foregoing by the Executive in the Government Gazette, these reforms will come into effect with the increase in penalties for the crime of animal abuse and new obligations in all municipalities of the State of Mexico.

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