Unique Palace of Rocks and Water for Hikers.

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Located in the indigenous area of Zapatón in Puriscal, there is a natural palace molded by thousands of years; it is the El Rey Waterfall, a hiking paradise in Costa Rica. This is a waterfall of over 140 meters and due to its unique rock formation the falls are not perpendicular to the ground but rather resemble long wide flat slides to slide down with tons of fun.

It is also an ideal place to visit between the months of May and October, when the river flow increases, and therefore the view is maximized. Those in charge of taking him to the waterfall are a group of women who live in this Huetar indigenous territory.

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Near San José

To get to the center of Zapatón, you will have to drive about 90 kilometers from San José, until you reach the Chires district. There you should contact the Zapatón Women Entrepreneurs, who will assign you a local guide to take you to the waterfall.

It is advisable to take a 4×4 vehicle or high up to the entrance of the private estate. The entrance per person has a cost of 5 thousand colones and includes the guide. The group of entrepreneurs will offer you breakfast and lunch, if you require it.

The walk is around 2 kilometers; It does not have access for people with disabilities and the terrain is somewhat rough. Additionally, along the trails, you will walk among grasslands, and different types of forest, as well as various oil palm plantations.

Visiting this waterfall is, without a doubt, a wonderful experience that you will never forget!

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