Ticos Will Have More Options to Start With “Business on Wheels”

Written by Tamarindo News

The Economic Commission of the Costa Rican National Assembly approved a bill presented by Congressman Daniel Ulate, which promotes activities as an alternative for those who want to start a business under the figure of “Food Trucks”.

“Currently there is no regulation for this new model and it is of great importance to work on a regulation that provides legal certainty, not only for the end user, but for all those entrepreneurs who through this type of activity seek to consolidate a business,” said Ulate.

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International growth

This activity at the international level is also growing and faster, and countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and the United States already have their own legislation that successfully regulates this business model.

The draft “Special Law for Trade on Wheels” was approved unanimously, and will now be consulted by institutions such as the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and municipalities of the country.

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