Tico Women Make Their Way Into Positions at the Moín Container Terminal

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In a traditionally male industry, the Moín Container Terminal (TCM) remains committed to developing female talent.It currently employs 100 women, which means 17% of the total workforce that performs operational and administrative tasks.

According to Lisbeth Thomas, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, this commitment has been transferred to the subcontractors that provide service to the terminal. In the longshoremen’s cooperatives, the effort to attract more women is evident and more of them are seen assuming tasks that have traditionally been reserved for men.

“The percentage of women in TCM is quite significant when compared to other terminals around the world with a longer trajectory. At APM Terminals we select, recruit and hire staff, taking diversity and inclusion policies into account, which helps ensure that the female quota is always increasing,”said Thomas.

Commission aims to strengthen the incorporation of women in port activity

Recently, the members of the National Commission for the Support and Promotion of Women’s Work in the Port Precincts of the Caribbean and Pacific Region of Costa Rica were sworn in, which aims to strengthen the incorporation of women in port activity through training, visibility , recognition and empowerment.

On behalf of APM Terminals Moín, the Commission is made up of Thomas and Ania Blackwood, Communication Coordinator, who are firmly committed to advancing the gender agenda in the four pillars that concern them during their tenure.

“The diversification of the workforce is pressing, the variety of thinking and criteria in decision-making in companies and governments is nothing more than an added value that generates enrichment to the management of results”, commented the director of Human Resources and Labor Relations.

For its part, Blackwood stated that “the recognition of the contribution of women to the productive sector and their inclusion reveals the level of maturity of a society, which identifies in the diversity of its members a path towards productive development and well-being, by combining the diversity of thoughts and ways of generating added value ”.

Gender Equality Seal

In 2020 APM Terminals received, for the second time, the Gender Equality Seal granted by the National Institute for Women (INAMU), for its policy of diversity and inclusion of the company.

“Before TCM started operations, we started a recruitment process that included female talent. This is how housewives, single mothers, young people and professionals have joined our team and we hope that many more will do so in the coming years ”, concluded Thomas.

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