Tico Public School Students Will Learn to Grow Their Own Food Through Virtual Courses

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Some 1,500 students from public schools will be able to train through a virtual course on how to make home gardens to grow their own food. This is the “Food security and sowing” program developed by the Salomón Foundation through the Ministry of Public Education (MEP).

The program seeks to help mainly those students who need to perform the Student Community Service, a graduation requirement in the last year of high school. The modules have a total duration of 30 hours and will begin in June, reported Liliana Mejía, director of the Foundation.

Additionally, students will be able to continue with courses to delve into topics of their interest, she stressed. Interested students can request information through the Foundation and the MEP itself. In previous trainings, it was possible to impact not only the students, but also their parents, grandparents and relatives, said the director of the Foundation.

Online donations needed

The Foundation seeks donations in order to maintain these courses free of charge for the student community. “We need financial help because the platform is as if it were the rental of a place,” said Mejía.

Interested persons or companies can make their donations through the Foundation’s website. They also intend to establish alliances for the realization, assembly and maintenance of the course.

Mejía concluded that this project is an alternative for students because they will be able to carry out their communal work without leaving home, due to the current situation in the country due to the Pandemic.

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