This is How the Costa Rican Colors Were Seen in the Italian Sky On the Occasion Of The Bicentennial Celebration

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The celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Independence of Central America cross borders and this past Tuesday it was Europe’s turn. The event was made specific in the iconic Piazza del Popol, in Rome, where the ambassadors of the Central American countries began the celebrations with the launch of balloons alluding to the colors of the flags of the Central American countries and Italy.

White, blue and red

Thus, hundreds of white, blue and red balloons were released. There was also space for light blue and green. The Tica representation was in charge of Ambassador Ronald Flores. Also there were the diplomats Luis Fernando Carranza -Guatemala-, Efrén Bernal l -El Salvador-, Mariano Jiménez -Honduras- and Mónica Robelo -Nicaragua-

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