This is how Costa Rica is presented in Europe in the Bicentennial.

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The renowned Spanish journalist Paco Nadal, who is known for writing travel reports for the newspaper El País, published a report about his visit to Costa Rica in the middle of this year, in which he shows the wonders of our country.

“Everyone knows that Costa Rica is the country of green. But when you travel there you realize that there is much more. There is culture, traditions, crafts … and very kind people”, Nadal posted.

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Among the places that Nadal visited, attractive areas such as the Poás Volcano, the Sierpe River, the Caño Island and several strategic points of the capital such as the Central Market and the National Theater stand out. In the same way, he highlighted the community tourism that he found in the national territory.

Gone viral

Nadal has more than 24 years of experience in the field of travel and tourism and collaborates with recognized international media. This video has gone viral internationally and in a few hours it exceeded 45,000 views.

Resonance Costa Rica

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