The Time for Medical Cannabis and the Hemp Industry.

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After eight months of being frozen in the Costa Rican Congress– like other economic revival projects – it was time for the medical cannabis and hemp industry. And it is that this past Tuesday the initiative will start its final path, after passing the procedure in committee and opening the space for motions via 137, in which all the deputies have the opportunity to propose changes to the project.

However, the most important of all is that parties such as National Liberation, Unity and the PAC, as well as other independent legislators, advocate approving the initiative as soon as possible and thus generate employment and productive chains.

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At this time, it cannot be predicted how long the legislators will last discussing the project, because that will depend on the number of motions presented by other parties such as New Republic, which opposes everything that has to do with cannabis. However, the political will to advance the plan exists and is taken for granted that will be approved in the coming weeks or months.

“For eight months this Congress was paralyzed by the government’s lack of action when proposing projects that reactivate the economy (…) Now, when the possibility of deputies establishing the agenda for debate and priorities, things change. and in that sense, there is great political will, “said Zoila Volio, independent deputy and proponent of the project.

Access to a World Market

And it is that if the deputies approve the project that allows the commercial exploitation of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis, national farmers and exporters would have access to a world market of $ 14 billion a year by 2025, according to the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica (Procomer). Best of all, is that at the moment the products derived from this plant already drive businesses for about $ 5 billion, which would allow immediate benefits to be reaped.

The medicinal use and production of cannabis and hemp is legal in more than 20 countries, with a global market before the Pandemic of 1 billion people. In this sense, Costa Rica can become a development pole and cluster of companies.

“But it is more than that, we are talking about more investment, employment, quality of life for sick people and agricultural diversification. There are thousands of jobs,” added Volio. Arthritis, asthma, cancer and chronic pain are some of the conditions that could be treated with medical cannabis.

As for hemp, supplements, food, beverages, industrial application products such as bioplastics and sustainable construction could be made, as well as dairy products, bakery, seeds and snacks.

“As of today, I can say with absolute certainty that the project known as medicinal cannabis and hemp has a will and consent so when entering the plenary agenda, it can move forward immediately,” said Silvia Hernández, President of the Tico Congress.

Promoting the medical cannabis and hemp industry for medicinal and commercial purposes would help jumpstart the economy by:


– The medicinal use and production of cannabis and hemp is legal in more than 20 countries

– The global market is 1 billion people

– Costa Rica can become a business cluster and development pole

Health and applications

– Treating diseases such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, and chronic pain with medical cannabis

– Access to new products made with hemp, including plastic, cosmetics and filters


– Hiring hundreds of people with professions that are not being absorbed by the market

– Thousands of direct jobs in agricultural activities thanks to the pharmaceutical industry


– A new industry means fresh tributes to the government

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