The First Female Empowerment Competition Arrives in Latin America ⋆ The Costa Rica News

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Twelve Latin American entrepreneurs are the protagonists of the competition “Escuela Imparables” on channel E!, Which opens on November 8th and is hosted by the Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, recognized for participating in productions such as “Without breasts, there is no paradise.”

There are twelve episodes with twelve women who will introduce us to their businesses. The participants will receive classes, they will always receive positive messages, we are not going to judge them, what we are going to try is to enrich that undertaking so that they can move forward. “We want them to shine as women, to feel safe, to give them tools to succeed”, says Villalobos.

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Very honored

Viilalobos says that she is very honored to participate in this competition, stating that “The most important thing is to have a group of women of different characteristics, colors, textures, ages and enterprises; that offer from products to services”. “Sometimes society is in charge of telling you that there is an age to do things, to point you out,” she concludes



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