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With 1,228 kilometers of coastline bathed by the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea, its warm waters and two coasts to enjoy at any time of the year, Costa Rica is undoubtedly a true paradise for surfers. Here we present you a selection of the best beaches to hit the waves!

North pacific

Roca Bruja, in Playa Naranjo, Santa Rosa National Park (Guanacaste)

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Very constant beach break (break on sand), which offers many pipes.

Best season: Months from November to May.

Playa Naranjo is one of the areas with the best waves in the country and well known for the practice of this sport. Despite this, it is not usual for there to be many people. The ideal place is in the area popularly known as “Witch Rock”. The name comes from the large rock off the coast where the waves crash.

Tamarindo, in Santa Cruz (Guanacaste)

Beach break with various peaks and possibilities to the left and right.

Best season: All year round.

The offshore wind favors, since December, the creation of tubes. Access to Tamarindo is very easy. There are good waves throughout the year, as well as a very long beach with different breaks. It is the perfect place to get started in this sport.

The beach has several surf schools. The Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica has good waves all year round and, when the offshore wind favors it, perfect tubes are created for surfing. The best conditions for surfing in Tamarindo are when the swell from the west-northwest combines with an offshore wind from the east.

Central pacific

Jacó’s Hermosa Beach (Puntarenas)

Wild beach break (sand), with constant waves and in very good shape.

Best season: Months from May to November.

It is important not to confuse this beach with its namesake (and much quieter) in Guanacaste. Playa Hermosa hosts the Quicksilver International Championship every August, which brings together the best surfers in the world. The best spot on the beach is in front of a huge tree known as El Almendro. Playa Hermosa is usually a safe bet to find good waves from both left and right

South Pacific

Pavones, in Río Claro, Golfito (Puntarenas)

1.2 km long point break (break on stone).

Best season: Months from May to November.

Located in a town dedicated to surfers, it also boasts one of the longest left waves in the world, which can last up to 3 minutes. When the conditions are very favorable, a lot of people gather along the 3 sections of the wave, but there is room for everyone!


Salsa Brava, in Puerto Viejo (Limon)

Reef break (reef bottom), energetic and fast.

Best time: It is formed a few times a year, always between November and May.

This one, located in the lively town of Puerto Viejo, is for the experts. Although it is a somewhat dangerous place for beginners and the use of a helmet is recommended, it is still one of the sweetest for specialists as it has one of the most extraordinary waves in all of Costa Rica.

Resonance Costa Rica

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