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With accelerating changes in job automation, people will have power over the machines by developing professional skills in tandem with the technical skills of each job. ManpowerGroup presented its Human Age 2.0 study, where it reflected the future forces in the world of work, recognizing four global structural and cyclical trends, these were: demographic changes, technological revolution, greater individual choice, and customer sophistication.

In less than 10 years, the world of work has faced unprecedented changes where the Pandemic accelerated some of the trends and created others. In this new stage, the technological revolution demonstrated its value in maintaining the continuity of business, jobs and the connection from person to person.

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Ability to learn

The technological revolution proposes that people should have the ability to learn, a condition that has also changed in recent times where the trend of shorter training sessions in conjunction with the health crisis is accelerating the demand for technical professionals. As companies digitize, automate and transform into this new normal, it is more important than ever to find the right combination of technical skills and human strengths.

Although the new generations want to carry out professional career marathons where they seek to coexist with several jobs and different professional stages, the Pandemic modified this condition in which maintaining their employment is the main priority, where people fear losing the work flexibility they have gained, and 8 out of 10 employees want a better balance between family and work environments.

“The general fear of keeping their job responds in a certain way to the degree of automation that various work tasks are impacting, people should ask themselves how repetitive their activities are, if the answer is positive, they should consider developing new skills taking into account which ones will be demanded in the future and which are not replaceable by technology”, Soto concluded.

ManpowerGroup has found that the 10 most in-demand professional skills are:

• Communication

• Priorization

• Adaptability

• Taking initiative

• Integrity

• Analytical thinking

• Build relationships

• Empathy

• Coaching

• Resilience

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