Sunflowers of Costa Rica: With Breathtaking Colors

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Pital de San Carlos already has the first mega field of multicolored sunflowers in Costa Rica. This exhibition has more than 130 thousand sunflowers of different types, with varieties of colors and sizes, including giants that can reach four meters in height.

“Girasoles (Sunflowers) de Costa Rica” is a project of Erick Porras, who has more than 20 years of planting these plants. They become a pollinating agent; in addition they will have spaces for bees. The exhibition has an area of two hectares, so distancing is not a problem.

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Unique worldwide

“This field is unique worldwide, there is no such large field on the planet and with the variety of colors that we have here, this is spectacular, in addition there are two hectares of sowing,” said Porras.

Visiting the fields

General admission has a cost of 6 thousand colones. Children pay 2 thousand colones and children under 3 years old do not pay entrance. The Sunflowers field of Costa Rica is located, diagonal to Bomba Uno at the entrance to Pital.

It is important to remember that since they are natural plants, it is expected that it will remain in its greatest bloom until August 16th, so that you can take advantage of going before that date.

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