Study Reveals That Costa Rica Is Under The Highest Financial..

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With an average monthly salary of $ 758 and unemployment rate of 20.06%, citizens of Costa Rica are under pressure to pay monthly rent ($ 726), house prices ($ 1,518 per square meter) and cost of living ($ 2,345).

The research by Compare the Market analysed OECD countries on factors such as average salary, unemployment rate, average house prices, average monthly rent and average monthly cost of living, to reveal the most (& least) financially stressed countries.

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You can view the research in full here: https://www.comparethemarket.

Top 10 countries under the most financial pressure

The most financially stressed of all the countries analysed was Costa Rica, largely due to the fact that it had by far the highest level of unemployment of all countries, at 20.06%. In addition to this, Costa Rica had a low average monthly salary of US$758.

➡️Labor Force up, Unemployment Down

Colombia was the second-most financially stressed country, with the lowest average monthly salary, at just $320. Of course, this is also reflected in the low costs of purchasing and renting property and costs of living, but with an unemployment rate of 15.20%, this South American nation takes second place.

➡️Unemployment shows a downward trend in Costa Rica

In comparison, the most financially comfortable of the countries was by far the USA, largely due to the very healthy average salary of $3,556. The States also had a fairly low unemployment rate (6.70%) and an average property price of just $2,865 per square metre.

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