Sanitary Vehicle Circulation Restriction Permit Must be Updated by April

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The Costa Rican Government authorities remind all Tico drivers that the permit of exception for the sanitary vehicle circulation restriction must be updated for the month of April. According to the current decree (42295-MOPT-S), the document that is issued to have free transit must be renewed every two months, so it is necessary to update the dates of the letter so that it is effective from April 1st and Until May 31st.

“Let us remember that for the month of April we must renew the letter that allows us to apply the exceptions to the sanitary vehicle circulation restriction that is still in force in the range of hours of 11 p.m. at 5 am. from Monday to Sunday”, said this past Tuesday at a press conference the executive president of the National Emergency Commission (CNE), Alexánder Solís.

Currently the daytime vehicle restriction applies only to the central metropolitan area one day a week depending on the last digit of the plate. In the case of the night movement impediment (from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.), it applies at the national level. With the permit, drivers are free to move to their jobs, medical appointments, hotel reservations, among others. In total, 18 types of exception are authorized.

Avoiding last minute hassles

“We are remembering in advance because the expiration date coincides with Holy Week, so it is necessary to process this permit as soon as possible to avoid fines to citizens,” said the Minister of Communication, Agustín Castro.

The presentation of the permit to the respective authority can be done physically or digitally, as long as it complies with all the established requirements, for example, showing the corresponding badge of the company for which people works.

“In the case of independent workers, they must carry and present a physical or digital supporting document about their work or the activity carried out that justifies their mobilization in any of the time slots that are established as restricted,” indicated at the Presidential Office.

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