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If you’re planning on driving to Arenal from Guanacaste, we’ll show you what it’s like in this post. We’ve driven this exact route quite a few times and it is one of our favorite drives in the country with beautiful views and fresh weather.

You can watch our video below or read on to find out if what kind of car you need, see what the road is like and why it’s such a beautiful drive!

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*This post was updated March 2021.*

Driving to Arenal from Guanacaste

Whether you are staying in Gulf of Papagayo (Playas del Coco, Hermosa, Ocotal, etc.), resorts like RIU, Four Seasons, Planet Hollywood or coming from Tamarindo/Flamingo, the driving route to La Fortuna is about the same.

You need to go to Liberia, get on the Interamericana highway 1, exit at Cañas, drive to Tilaran, go through Nuevo Arenal, drive around the lake and finally reach La Fortuna. The distance is about 130 kilometers or 80 miles.

From Liberia Airport to Arenal, the drive time takes around 3 hours. If you’re coming from Playas del Coco, Gulf of Papagayo, Conchal or Tamarindo, it is around 4 hours.

Arenal to Guanacaste Driving Time and Route

The route from Liberia to La Fortuna does not require a 4×4 using Route 1 and Route 142.

Do you need a 4×4 for La Fortuna from Guanacaste? No. These are all main paved roads. In fact, most of it goes on a highway. However, there are some big pot holes around Nuevo Arenal so just watch out for those.

Additionally, once you start going around the lake, the road gets very curvy so you have to go slow. If you get carsick or have kids, I highly recommend taking anti-nausea medicine before driving to La Fortuna.

Here is the route from Liberia to La Fortuna.

map liberia to fortuna
Liberia to La Fortuna

When you set your GPS for La Fortuna, make sure it goes through Tilaran continuing on Route 142.

Driving to Arenal from Liberia

GPS works very well for this route and you will go from Liberia, to Cañas, Tilaran, Nuevo Arenal and then La Fortuna mostly on Interamericana Highway 1 and Route 142. This is a beautiful drive, especially when you start going around the lake past Tilaran.

views of lake arenal volcano
Driving around the lake with Arenal Volcano in the distance

This route has a lot of signage. Hopefully you will have a nice sunny day so you can soak in all the views and enjoy the drive.

Driving to Arenal From Guanacaste
Lake Arenal

Eventually after all the curves and turns, the volcano finally appears and you’ll start noticing signs for resorts like the Springs and Nayara. You will know when you are close to La Fortuna when you arrive at the hydroelectric plant.

There is a view of Arenal Volcano right in front of you on the bridge to the left. From there, you are only about 20 minutes from La Fortuna downtown.

Driving to Arenal From Guanacaste - Arenal Volcano
Driving to Arenal from Liberia

Keep going on this road, driving past the many luxury hotels and resorts in the area, passing the Arenal Volcano National Park entrance on your right and eventually ending up in La Fortuna, the main town and tourism hub.

Guanacaste to Arenal Driving Stops: Restaurants, Bathroom, Places to See, Etc.


A little bit before Liberia, there is a coffee shop called Sun Burst. Our favorite stop for coffee to go!

Then, if you need to use the bathroom, in Liberia, the Plaza Santa Rosa has public bathrooms. This plaza also has a large supermarket, bank and ATM. As Liberia is the capital city of Guanacaste, there are a lot of food options, including fast food. Liberia also has a Walmart.

Then on the drive from Liberia to Cañas, you can stop by Catarata Llanos de Cortes for a quick photo. It’s technically in Bagaces, about a 15-20 minute drive from Liberia and right off the highway before Cañas so you won’t be taking a big detour. It a 5 minute walk down to the beautiful waterfall and if you go in the morning on a weekday, it is very likely there aren’t going to be many people.


In Cañas, we like to get breakfast/lunch at Restaurante Mimi. This is where all the local farmers and workers eat in town. Great cheap local spot. There’s a statue of the pig right out front. They have a parking lot and a convenience store right next door. Right on the route so no detour required.


In Tilaran, there is a famous Costa Rican restaurant called Restaurante Aroma Tico. It’s a great stop in the middle of the drive to get lunch, use the bathroom and check out some souvenirs. You can also get gas as there is a gas station right across the street.

Lake Arenal

There are several places around Lake Arenal to stop. You will see a ton of signs that say something like “tourist stop” “tourist coffee” “Great views and coffee” and things like that.

For us, we usually like to stop at Cafe y Macademia because it’s very convenient being right off the road. They have a bakery, restaurant, clean bathrooms, souvenir store and a nice view of Lake Arenal. However, Cafe y Macademia is where all the tour buses stop so there are always a lot of people there.

For places that are not quite touristic, check out Lake Arenal Brewery, Tinajas Arenal or Los Heroes. Tinajas is a lakefront restaurant with a beautiful view and is about a 10 minute detour from Nuevo Arenal.

Nuevo Arenal

This town has convenience stores and restaurants. Moya’s Place is a great restaurant. The German Bakery is kind of expensive and I didn’t like their pastries but they had good coffee. Parking there is not very convenient as it’s only street parking on a steep-ish road.

Closer to La Fortuna

Selva Paraiso is another coffee shop with souvenirs and bathrooms right off the road. Then for a couple of local spots with great views, there is Rancho Mirador Los Peñas, near Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park.

driving from guanacaste to la fortuna
Rancho Mirador Los Peñas

It’s a local family owned property with a stunning view of Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal, offering traditional food. This one requires a longer stop, it’s about 30 minutes total to go there and back from the main road.


One of our favorite viewpoints on this route is in Tilaran, close to the turn of Lake Arenal Condos. It goes up the mountains toward the windmills and you get a beautiful view of Tilaran and the Guanacaste province below.

If you want to see this one, you can set the GPS destination as “Planta Tejona, ICE” and right around there are some beautiful views. You can also get very close to the windmills which is impressive!

This is a dirt road going up the mountain so a high car is recommended.

driving guanacaste to arenal tilaran windmills
Tilaran windmills

There is another more accessible viewpoint in Tilaran. On the map it is called “Mirador Tilaran” and you can just pull off to the side of the road for photos of the lake and hills.

Lake Cote

If you rented a 4×4 and are a proficient off road driver, you can also stop by Lake Cote. This is the largest natural lake in Costa Rica and also the spot of the only “official” UFO sighting in the country.

As it is truly an off the beaten path place, a 4wd/4×4 is required. Read our post for more information because this detour will add at least 1 hour to your drive from Guanacaste to La Fortuna.

Mirador La Armonia

This is another nice place to stretch your legs. It’s a local family owned property with a beautiful view of Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal. They don’t offer anything and the entrance fee is kind of expensive for just a lookout point at 3000 colones per person (~5 USD). But if you bring food and drinks, you can enjoy a picnic since they have some benches around.

Mirador La Armonia

We brought our dogs and they loved running around the property since it is very flat with lots of space. They also offer camping.

Map of the Route and Points of Interest

Click here to go to our interactive map.


Once you get around the lake, you can stop by the dam for a nice view of the volcano and lake.  You can watch our video of our road trip from Guanacaste to Arenal in the video below to see where we stopped.

If you want to follow our exact route that we took in this video, including the stops, please check the map here!

Tips for Driving to Arenal from Guanacaste

  • Give yourself at least 5 hours for this drive to include bathroom, photo and food stops. Drive slow around the lake. It’s curvy with tight turns and no street lights.
  • Whenever you stop, try to park your car where you can see it from the restaurant. Always roll up windows and lock your doors. Try to make your luggage not visible in the car if possible to prevent car theft.
  • If you get carsick, bring anti-nausea medicine.
  • It’s not advised to drive this route late at night, especially in rainy season. This is because of the very dark and curvy roads. Remember, the sun sets at 6 PM and it tends to start raining in late afternoon in rainy season.
  • If your flight lands from 4-6 PM, we recommend to stay a night in Liberia and then leave early the next day instead.
  • If you don’t rent a GPS, use Waze or Google Maps. You need phone internet data so get a Costa Rica pre paid sim card or sign up for an international date plan with your home provider.
  • There are gas stations in Liberia, Cañas, Tilaran and La Fortuna. Read more about Costa Rica gas stations here.

Alternative Route (Via Bijagua and Rio Celeste)

There is an alternative route you can take from Guanacaste to La Fortuna and it allows you to see one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. You can drive from Liberia to Bijagua, hike Rio Celeste and then continue to La Fortuna.

The map is below. In your GPS, you can set it as Liberia – Parqueo del Parque Nacional Tenorio, Provincia de Alajuela, Guatuso – La Fortuna.

map from liberia to rio celeste to la fortuna
Liberia – Rio Celeste – La Fortuna map

The drive from Liberia to Rio Celeste is 2 hours and Rio Celeste to La Fortuna is about 2 hours. High car is recommended.

Tips For This Alternative Route Stopping at Rio Celeste

If you plan to stop at Rio Celeste, we recommend to arrive at the Tenorio Volcano National Park early as the hike can take around 3-4 hours. That way, you can arrive in La Fortuna right at sunset and not have to drive much in the dark.

After the hike, have lunch at the restaurant outside the national park entrance and then head on your way to La Fortuna. So try to get to the park before 9 AM to finish the hike by 12- 1 PM, have lunch, leave before 2-3 PM and you’ll arrive to La Fortuna before dark.

Keep in mind that if you visit during rainy season, particularly months like May, June, August – December, the Rio Celeste area does tend to rain more so plan and pack accordingly.

You can read more about getting to Rio Celeste in this post here.

San Jose to La Fortuna

Are you coming from San Jose instead of Liberia? Check out our post driving from San Jose to La Fortuna to see what it’s like.

Looking for some activities? Find out what are the top things to do in La Fortuna/Arenal!

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