Remote Working Would Remain in Costa Rica Even After the Pandemic

Written by Tamarindo News

The Pandemic brought changes in all areas. A year and a half after readjusting the way of life and work, it seems that normality is slowly returning. Against this background, thousands of employers do the analysis and question whether they should maintain presence, or work under a hybrid model.

Talking about a New Hybrid Work Model

The “New Hybrid Work Model” can combine virtuality and presence, and was analyzed by the National Institute of Statistics and Census. One of the conclusions is that in the months of March, April and May 2021, of the more than 2 million employed people in the country, 189,667 carry out their work through teleworking or exclusively online. When making a comparison with the same period of the previous year, there was an increase of 25,938 people. These figures show how more and more homes are also becoming offices.

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Human resources experts point out that the Pandemic made a sudden change, and although there is no manual available, it has had to be improved between trial and error, so that the company survives and continues to generate jobs.

Greater competitiveness

Companies are beginning to analyze the model that generates greater competitiveness, being current and having few long-term effects. The combination between face-to-face and virtuality, that is, the hybrid model, is the one that best suits people and companies, and inevitably is here to stay, comment experts.

Technology companies and contact centers

In the case of companies that employ large numbers of people, such as technology companies and contact centers in the country, have confirmed that they will continue to telecommute in many positions. Such is the case of Intel, Teleperformance, Hewlett Packard, Sykes, Amazon, Walmart offices, as well as some pharmaceutical companies, among others.

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