Products That Were Previously Imported Are Now Grown And Harvested In Costa Rica

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At present, it is ideal to stay focused on goals, no matter how difficult things are in our environment, always focused on guaranteeing the best and making contributions to the world, our planet. Each initiative must be conscious, sustainable, organic, so that the fruits are of quality.

Today, it is important to highlight the work of Resonance, taking into account the guarantee of authentic spaces, where biodiversity is within reach and co-working becomes more optimal, since the cultivation has been additionally, in favor of increasing employment opportunities and benefits to localities.

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Resonance Costa Rica

What is the initiative about?

Daniel Yépez, is the one who has the direction of Resonance and the initiative of planting, harvesting and processing Mexican chilies, precisely in the area of Playa Hermosa, in Jacó, Costa Rica.

Beyond having contact with Mexican restaurants in San José, among them, Tacotitlan, is to benefit all locally, with their own cultivation that leads to a circular economy, within the community.

In this way, a local family, of Nicaraguan origin, residing in Costa Rica for many years and their children born here, is receiving support from Resonance and is part of the initiative, of the cultivation of Mexican chili peppers, which go from the field to the Costa Rican table.

It is worth noting that it has not always been “easy” to import the product for the restaurant chain, how everything takes its process and really, the local initiative is like the expected gift. Everything is also based on displacing a product that is imported with a high carbon footprint.

Trials that have been successful

Very important, is that in Costa Rica, the test crops were started, so far, 4 styles of chili seeds have been grown, of which 2 have been successful and the others are still in the test period, “of which we had success, they were already delivered to restaurants. “

It is really worth so much effort and motivation, as well as the one that Resonance transmits as it passes; It is essential to remember that in Costa Rica, products such as fuels, machinery and transport equipment, construction materials, grains, fertilizers, electricity, mineral products, chemical products, materials, plastic products are imported, and no longer the Mexican chili, because congratulations, it is part of the country’s cultivation.

It should be noted that they are not exclusive products for Mexican gastronomy, since more and more people, from chefs to housewives, begin to experiment with their own recipes, tropicalizing traditional flavors with these noble products.

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