Potential expats should know Costa Rica Is The Country With The Most Cell Lines Per Inhabitant In The World

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With 169% active services, it even surpasses Singapore, Finland and Switzerland. Three operators share a total of 8.5 million mobile services

QCOSTARICA – Costa Rica is the country with the highest number of active cell lines per inhabitant in the world according to the most recent data from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and presented by the Costa Rica’s telecommunications superintendency (Sutel) lead the world with the most cell lines per inhabitant

With 169% of active postpaid and prepaid mobile services it even exceeds world potentials such as Singapore, Finland, and Switzerland, 146 percent , 132 percent , and 130 percent, respectively.

Costa Ricans lead the world with the most cell lines per inhabitant

In Latin America, the cellular penetration of Uruguay and El Salvador follows Costa Rica with 150 percent and 147 percent, respectively, also surpassing Asian and European countries.

In general terms, the national mobile phone market experienced a slight increase during 2019, with a total of 8.5 million active lines, which represents a growth of 0.6 percent compared to 2018.

Postpaid increased with an annual average of 11.1 percent since 2015, while the prepaid does so at a rate of 0.8 percent

At the end of 2019, users with a monthly plan represented 28 percent of subscriptions, while prepaid was almost 78 percent, (that is, there are 2.5 prepaid lines for each postpaid line).

So, potential expats should know that they will have no problem obtaining a mobile telephone.

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