Pope Francis Greets Costa Rica for the Virgin of the Angels Enthronement

Written by Tamarindo News

As reported on the Costa Rican Catholic Church (CELAM) website, the Holy Father has sent a message to the people of Costa Rica due to the imminent enthronement of a mosaic of the Virgin of the Angels, patron saint of this country, in the Vatican Gardens that will take place on October 26th at 11 a.m. local time in Rome, in an official act of blessing.

The Holy Father has invited all the faithful people of God “to continue living their faith especially united to it”, whom with filial affection they call “La Negrita” asking him “to reach out to them with grace to be brave defenders of the gift of life and joyful builders of fraternity”, prioritizing charitable help.

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The Pope ended his message by asking, as usual, that they do not stop praying for him “and for his service to the holy people of God and invoking the intercession of the Virgin of the Angels on the entire Church that pilgrims in Costa Rica”, to the time he imparted his apostolic blessing “as a pledge of abundant heavenly gifts.”

A gift for Costa Rica

Likewise, CELAM points out that the enthronement of this mosaic of the Virgin of the Angels in the Vatican Gardens is an initiative promoted by the Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Holy See, Federico Zamora Cordero and the work is being carried out by the national artist of sacred art Paula Sáenz.

For his part, Monsignor José Manuel Garita Herrera, president of the Episcopal Conference of Costa Rica, has assured that “this is a gift from Costa Rica to the Vatican, and also a gift for all Costa Ricans, to know that “La Negrita” will have that space in the Holy See and that Pope Francis asks us to continue united to it, defending life, fraternity and charity towards those most in need ”.

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