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One of the coolest things to do in Monteverde is to climb the ficus root bridge, otherwise known as the Ficus La Raiz. It’s a hidden spot very close to downtown Santa Elena that makes for great photos so if you have an hour to kill in between the Monteverde guided hikes and tours, definitely check out this spot!

In this post you’ll find out exactly how to get there because it’s a little tricky.

Monteverde Ficus Root Bridge Map

On Google Maps, it is called “Ficus La Raiz.”

What to Know About the Monteverde Ficus La Raiz (Monteverde Ficus Root Bridge Tree)

  • It’s free! It’s one of the best free things to do in Monteverde.
  • It’s a short walk (only like 5 minutes from the entrance) BUT it’s on an all natural path going down a hill with rocks, tree roots and branches. You also need to walk across the river. So I don’t recommend it for anyone who has knee/ankle problems and cannot walk on these kinds of paths. You will see more photos of the path in this post.
  • We went in January 2021, the beginning of dry season. It was completely dry when we went and it was very sunny and hot. If you visit during rainy season, this trail may be super muddy so be careful! Even in dry season, the man who was leaving as we were going down slipped and hit his knee.
  • Flip flops not recommended.
  • We brought our two very athletic dogs and they loved it.


In the video below, you can watch our video for “5 free things to do in Monteverde” with the Ficus Root Bridge included.

How to Find the Ficus La Raiz (Ficus Root Bridge)

You can walk or drive as it’s close to Santa Elena downtown. As we were staying in an Airbnb outside Santa Elena, we drove and parked on the main road outside the Restaurante El Jardin. From our car, we walked up the hill around the curve and the entrance is to the right.

The entrance to the path is very non-descript so it’s super easy to just stroll right past and have no idea what’s down there. This is what you need to look for.

*In this post, I’m going to have a lot of photos so you can see what the path is like and know exactly what to look for to find this ficus root bridge.*

Entrance to monteverde ficus la razi path
The entrance to the ficus root bridge

You’ll see a sort of natural path going down and just follow it to the bottom and then stick to the right. You’ll see the river right ahead of you.

monteverde ficus root bridge path
Keep walking down this little steep hill

Follow the path to the right and you’ll also see this very large piece of concrete but go behind it and around, don’t try to walk on it.

monteverde ficus raiz

Keep going on the path and very soon you’ll see the ficus root bridge right in front of you across the river.

monteverde ficus root bridge path

You can’t miss it, it’s right in front! Make sure not to walk to the left when you first go down the path and you’ll be fine.

Climbing Up The Bridge

This bridge is super interesting but it’s really a great photo spot, especially for Instagram. to make it even more fun, you can climb up the bridge!

Monteverde ficus root bridge

On the right hand side of the bridge, you can climb up the dirt and go across the bridge. I’m not scared of heights but it’s not exactly a well groomed bridge so I got on my hands and knees and kind of crawled across. Then I just popped up for the photo and then climbed back down.

Monteverde ficus root bridge

You can also look on the other side of the bridge to see the rest of the rivers. You can also see a bunch of the rest of the roots!

Monteverde ficus root bridge view from the top

It’s not terribly high but I don’t recommend it for anyone scared of heights! It’s maybe like 20 feet up I would guess.

root bridge from the top of the bridge
View from the top

Going Back

We spent maybe about 20/30 minutes here with our dogs and then headed back. We were the only ones there and didn’t see anyone else on the way going down. It might get more busy on the weekends but we went on a weekday morning and it was empty.

Trail going back up

We hope you can visit this awesome ficus root bridge and get some great photos!

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