Patagonian Towns in the Andean Region Were Simultaneously Intentionally Set on Fire this Past March 9th

Written by Tamarindo News

It is very difficult to organize words in a state of shock and give a common thread to events when they are of such a serious and immeasurable magnitude … and at the same time, that effort to transmit, disseminate, reveal, expand, is extremely necessary, to put ourselves in conscience and standing before what we face …

Steps to relate the incidents:

On the afternoon of March 9th, seven Patagonian towns in the Andean Region (Las Golondrinas, Cholila, Cerro Radal, El Maitén, El Hoyo, Epuyén, Lago Puelo) were simultaneously intentionally set on fire.

The fire quickly grew ravenous. Everything burned. Entire villages disappeared, around 500 houses are estimated, hundreds of people evacuated, injured, missing, burned, and of course, thousands of thousands of hectares of native forest with all its flora and fauna, razed.

Patagonia is one of the largest fresh water reserves on the planet and also of valuable metals such as gold and silver among others. The People of Chubut and Rio Negro have been fighting for months against the advance of mega-mining in the area, endorsed by the national and provincial government.

Today it comes to light that intentional and massive fires are a form of optical inspection of the composition of soils. They look for valuable metals from the decomposition of the light from the fire source now observed from the satellites.

This is the same astrophysical instrument that is used to analyze the spectrum of a remote star and find out its chemical composition. It is a mega search of metalliferous mining without authorization or social license and in complicity with the authorities on duty.

Causally, the burned areas coincide perfectly with the mining searches richest in Gold and Silver in the Province of Chubut, according to the Mining Cadastral Map. None of the thousands of hectares bought by foreign millionaires in Patagonia were affected by the fires, not their mansions, their animals, or tourist ventures, or anything.

This Wasn’t A Fire, It Was A Tremendous Attack !!

The absent government did not send hydrant planes, or supplies, or support, or material, or of any kind to put out the fire or assist the large number of victims. In my understanding, that is not only ineffectiveness, but complicity, betrayal, nefarious and unforgivable.

This is a serious part of the story, the other is that they managed to break the hearts of thousands and thousands of people, to fill it with pain, infinite sadness, immeasurable helplessness … And even in that state, people organize, take shelter, build networks, show solidarity, donate even what they don’t have and push Rebuild …

I ask with my heart to all those friends, siblings, medicine people, temazcaleros, meditators, wherever they are, whatever they do, to spread what is happening in Patagonia all over the world, to raise their prayers, raise your chanupas and join us to face such darkness caused by the cruelty and ambition of these humanoids completely disconnected from the Earth and its Spirit.

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