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The first week of August we had a visit to the nutritionist Alejandra Irola from “Qué dice la Nutri”, who was accompanying us in our “Regenerative Costa Rica” initiative, collecting the product harvested from the “Tierra Mágica de Tempate” farm in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The intention of this activity was to promote a healthy, nutritious and creative consumption of the products recently collected from the orchards, in which they have been working together with various actors in the area, to transform degraded soils into food-producing soils, 100% organic.

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With participation of representatives from the communities

Talks were given with the participation of representatives of the communities involved in the project, from the Academy to the beneficiaries, who have been an extremely important part of the entire process of regeneration and use of the soils. Alejandra explained the benefits of consuming organic food, for example, she highlighted, which plants are important for iron and how consuming them helps promote health.

The teachings given by Alejandra had as a mission that those involved in the Regenerative Costa Rica projects responsibly consume the fruit of their work on the land that they get the most out of the products that have been grown with their own hands. carried out the elaboration of delicious recipes in which the nutritional and low-fat balance of the prepared dishes was stimulated. During this visit, there were challenges and tasks, among which were preparing creative dishes with harvested food, without losing the great culinary legacy of Guanacaste cuisine.

From the University for International Cooperation, it is very gratifying to know that food harvested under the standards of UNA Salud (FAO), following the principles of regenerative agriculture, are used in the form of healthy and responsible consumption with ancestral production practices of food. We are deeply grateful to Alejandra for her visit and at the same time we urge all who read us to consume the food they put on their table in a responsible and informed way.

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