Ninth Grade Students in Ontario Will Now Be Taught How to Apply for a Mortgage, Pay off Debts and Other “Real Life” Skills ⋆ The Costa Rica News

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Stephen Lecce, Ontario’s Minister of Education,  announced that his Province’s Ninth grade curriculum in Math will be modified this coming school year to prepare students in a more practical and realistic manner with topics of financial literacy, digital coding, data management, among  others.

This modification will end the method of separating Ninth grade students into applied and academic courses, and in this way ensure that no one is at a excluded from learning essential skills.

The financial literacy portion will teach students how to manage their money in the future, covering topics like “debt, savings, how to use a credit card, [and] how to take out a mortgage or rent,” said Lecce in Wednesday’s announcement.

“Real Life” skills

“These are life skills that are going to set students apart, and what was missing in Ontario’s curriculum now students will receive the benefit for today and for the future,” the Minister stated in an official declaration.

The Ministry of Education says that modernizing the curriculum allows students having relevance in today’s dinamic job market with emphasis on “real life” with concepts like: interest, debt, savings, personal budgeting, price comparisons, etc.”

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